Angry neighbours plaster parked car with notes: 'Just here for the drama'

Angry locals have vented their frustrations with the owner of a car parked on a road in Sydney’s Northern Beaches by plastering it with passive aggressive notes.

A photo of the silver Toyota sitting on Lagoon Street in Narrabeen shows several pieces of paper taped to its boot.

The first note criticises the driver for intentionally blocking other residents from parking on the road.

“Buying a car and trailer solely to block others from parking at the right of your driveway is inconsiderate — you have a double garage plus an empty car space,” it reads.

The notes plastered to the boot of the silver car.
A photo of the car parked in Sydney's Northern Beaches shows several pieces of paper taped to its boot. Source: Facebook

“This is a public road with a shortage of parking.

“If everybody acted the same there would be nowhere to park.”

Other residents decided to also add their two cents, sticking more notes to the car in response.

“Agreed! You try driving around looking for parking after a long day at work,” the second piece of paper reads.

“We agree! It would be great if we all work together as neighbours to make sure it’s easier for everyone to park close to their home,” a third note said.

Despite the slew of complaints, one neighbour appears to be highly entertained by the parking squabble.

“Just here for the drama,” a fourth letter also featuring a hand-drawn cup of tea reads.

Lagoon Street in Narrabeen.
Locals claim they are having a hard time finding parking on Lagoon Street. Source: Google Maps

Locals praise 'hilarious' response

The cheeky response was praised by locals after the image of the car was posted to a Northern Beaches Facebook group on Saturday morning.

“The last note is so good for the soul,” one man laughed.

“Hilarious!” another person said.

While some commenters claimed those who left the angry notes are “entitled”, others said they wished neighbours would just talk to each other in person.

“Imagine if neighbours go had a chat and sorted stuff out instead of leaving anonymous notes,” a man wrote.

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