American woman slams 'ridiculous' price of Aussie seafood

Aussies have knocked back a viral American's complaint about how expensive seafood is Down Under.

Mally, 34, said it's one of the "worst parts of being an American in Australia", especially as someone who grew up in the northeast region of New England which has a vibrant fishing industry.

"Growing up I had seafood all the time," she said on TikTok. "It was cheap and plentiful, maybe not super cheap, but not like Australian prices."

A photo of an American woman in her car, talking about the prices of Australian seafood. Another photo of lobsters on sale.
An American living in Melbourne has shared her thoughts on how expensive seafood is in Australia. Source: TikTok

"I've just spent the day at the beach and its hot, and I just want a lobster roll or like some shrimp cocktail, some crab cakes, fritters and chowder. And not only can you not get it but lobsters here are fricken $60 a pound, it's ridiculous."

She said what made it even more bizarre was the fact that Australia is "a fricken island".

Social media users react to seafood claim

The video received more than 26,000 views, with some agreeing that prices for seafood were high in Australia.

"Aussie born and bred, and I totally feel you on this. Never had a lobster roll, but I'm cravin'," one person said.

"My man is from Boston and when he comes to visit me here in Melbourne, he says the same thing to me," another said.

However most thought the quality of the seafood was worth it and the woman was likely just "shopping at the wrong places".

"The quality may have something to do with the price difference," one person commented.

"Yeah but we get free healthcare so I’m ok with paying a bit extra for quality seafood," another cheekily cracked.

"Just need to find a local fish and chip shop or get frozen from Coles or Woolies," a third person chimed.

Australian seafood prices have gone up but remain competitive

According to Australian industry publication, Seafood Source, we are now seeing a larger demand for seafood since the start of the pandemic — especially during the holiday seasons — which has influenced prices.

For example, salmon prices have gone up by 37 percent during 2021 to 2022, peaking at $16.35 per kilogram, according to the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment.

While rock lobster has gone from $92 per kilogram in 2018-2019, to an estimated $50 per kilogram in 2021-2022, thanks to an import ban imposed by China during the pandemic.

Either way, prices still remain competitive and also reflect the quality of Australian seafood. Data from the World Bank in 2017 shows that with an average global benchmark of seafood prices at $100, Australia came in at $163 while equivalent US prices amounted to $147 for the same basket of seafood.

Australians must also compete with high demand from other nations that import much of our seafood.

"Australian Seafood is world renowned as a premium quality product," Wildcatch Fisheries SA say on their website. "Our seafood is highly sought after throughout Asia, including the exclusive Japanese market. The Australian Seafood Industry is also successfully developing markets in the UK, US and Europe."

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