Amazing unseen footage shows rare encounter with world's largest shark

Kamilia Palu

Incredible new footage has surfaced of an encounter with the world’s largest great white shark – a seven-metre heavily pregnant female named ‘Deep Blue’.

A photo of the encounter off the Mexican coast went viral last year, showing divers dwarfed by the size of mammoth shark.

The divers spotted Deep Blue of the coast of Mexico. Photo: Michael Maier

Michael Maier, a diving enthusiast from Germany, recorded the encounter but up until now it mostly remained unseen.

For the first time, viewers are able to marvel at the enter experience, which was released by Barcroft Media this week.

The 48-year-old salesman from Cologne described the moment he saw Deep Blue.

“All of a sudden out of the deep blue, there she came,” he said.

The massive great white was measured to be about 7 metres in length. Photo: Michael Maier

“We realised almost immediately that she was very big.”

“She was very calm and not at all nervous and was circling us. She was very interested and was looking at us.

This iconic image of Deep Blue with a diver went viral on social media last year. Photo: Michael Maier

Mr Maier recorded the heart-stopping footage from inside one of the diving cages, and captured the moment the shark nibbled on the side of the cage before one of the divers reached out to touch her fin.

“Everything was very well prepared. The whole team felt safe,” he insisted.

The shark was heavily pregnant at the time of the encounter. Photo: Michael Maier

“We had a very long beautiful dive with her and we were all very much enthusiastic about the encounter.”

“I feel like the luckiest guy to have been able to catch Deep Blue on video and still when I watch it I am very happy and still enthusiastic again.”

Despite the huge shark taking a nibble at the cage, the divers insisted they felt safe the entire time. Photo: Michael Maier

Experts estimate Deep Blue to be close to 50 years old.

She was measured at 20ft, while great whites reach a length of 15ft on average.


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