'Amazing' story behind photo of four strangers during $200 train debacle

Four Melburnians squeezed into an Uber before deciding to make the best out of a bad situation.

It's the dreaded possibility most city commuters hope to avoid — public transport delays.

After a long day of work, most of us want to get home as quickly and safely as possible to enjoy our dwindling leisure time. However, four strangers decided to make the most of a bad situation when they all found themselves stranded at the same Melbourne train station on Wednesday afternoon.

With no replacement buses in sight at the time and Ubers costing upwards of $200 each, the group all looked at one another and decided to throw caution to the wind.

"We pooled in an Uber together, all strangers, then got out for a quick bev in Ressy [Reservoir], all mates," a Melbourne resident shared on Reddit.

Four individuals, two women and two men, smile at the camera as they hold up their drinks at a pub amid public transport delays.
The four strangers decided to split the fare of an Uber during a train delay and took a detour to the local RSL. Source: Reddit/simplecitydresses

Other than having similar postcodes, the group admitted they didn't have much in common. They all work within different industries and "bonded" as they shared stories about their careers, highlighting their unique experience of the city through their respective professions.

"It’s amazing how people from all different walks of life can come together through a shared experience," the woman who posted the photo told Yahoo News. "That’s what Melbourne’s about, we band together when we have to," she said.

Uber called out for increasing fares amid transport disruptions

Several of the city's major train lines were ground to a halt after an incident at Clifton Hill station during the post-work rush hour, leaving thousands unsure how to get home unless copping a hefty charge for an Uber.

The ride-share company are known to hike up their prices as soon as demand increases in an area, with commuters in Sydney suffering a similar fate after a major train outage at the start of the month.

After one Sydney resident called them out in a Tweet at the time, Uber cited "high demand" for the surging prices.

“We’re sorry to hear the price was higher than expected,” Uber responded.

“Looks like there was a high demand for rides near your selected pickup location. When there is high demand, the trip price is updated to encourage drivers to come to that area.”

With what started as a practical financial decision for the four Melburnians, the group agreed they were happy for the unexpected detour.

"We shared a drink at Reservoir RSL and joked about sticking around for the meat raffles. Reluctantly, we all had to depart to our lives after a drink and a laugh."

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