Amazing pictures show rescuers freeing toddler trapped in bath seat

Amazing pictures show rescuers struggling to free a toddler who was trapped in a bath seat.

Incredibly, eight-month-old Jacob Thorn slept through the ordeal as firefighters worked to free him.

Jacob became trapped during his evening bath in Farnborough, an hour south west of London.

Somehow he managed to wedge both of his legs into a single leg hole and then slipped down so far he got stuck.

His mother Dawn Thorn, 37, tried everything she could to free him before a neighbour called the fire brigade.

“So I had him in the bath in his little seat and I could see him struggling so I leaned him back to see if I could make him more comfortable and he just slipped in between the bars,” mother Dawn said of her IVF baby.

“I tried everything to get him out, I even tried lubricating him with shampoo and conditioner but nothing worked, the harder I tried the more stuck he got somehow.”

Jacob Thorn trapped in a bath seat (pictured). Source: Australscope

While mum-of-two, Dawn held his hand, the baby slept through the rescue, only waking up when he was freed.

“After they got through the first two bars he had obviously knackered himself out from all the crying and felt strangely comfortable he began to nod off, it was hilarious,” Dawn said.

“After they began to cut through the third bar he was out cold, without a care in the world, he could fall asleep anywhere.

“It was funny he was crying the whole time I was trying to free him and then when the firefighters got there he was cool as a cucumber.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue took about 15 minutes to rescue the infant.

Jacob Thorn (pictured) was trapped in a bath seat. Source: Australscope