Amazing dolphin encounter caught on camera

Amazing dolphin encounter caught on camera

A group of tourists have captured amazing video of a holiday experience they will never forget when a wild dolphin decided to swim around their feet.

The inquisitive bottlenose dolphin delighted the group by darting around their legs in shallow water.

Amateur filmmaker Sven was among the group who spotted the dolphin from a beach on Moreton Island and waded into the water for a closer look - capturing the experience on camera.

“It was astonishing … it started and just didn’t stop,” he said.

“We thought ‘this is as good as it gets’, and it just kept getting better.

“We just let it alone… and it made the decision to come to use, so we all felt very special.”

It seems the dolphin was very interested in getting a closer look at the tourists because it swam around with them for more than 20 minutes.

While it is not uncommon to find bottlenose dolphins in Moreton Bay - more than 350 of them live in the waters there - but it is rare to find one quite and comfortable around humans as this one.