Aluminium foil ‘baked into’ Woolworths apple pie

A Woolworths shopper was left less than impressed after discovering a layer of aluminium foil “sandwiched” inside her apple pie was the reason she couldn’t slice the dessert open.

The Sydney woman bought the supermarket’s brand of apple pie on Thursday and decided to cut a slice for herself that evening.

She initially thought perhaps the dish required some extra elbow grease because of some particularly stiff pastry.

Woolworths apple pie box pictured.
The woman said she bought this apple pie on Thursday. Source: Facebook

“I went to cut out a slice of pie and was struggling to cut through it thinking it was just a hard pastry base,” she wrote in a post to the Woolworths Facebook page.

“To my disgust, I found that the apple pie had been baked with aluminium foil sandwiched right in the middle of the pie,” she wrote.

Photos included in her post showed the silver aluminium sheet squished into the treat.

“I will never buy Woolworths branded foods again,” she wrote.

An employee responded to her complaint saying they were disappointed at the discovery.

“This is terrible! As we want all of our products to be at the highest standard it's disappointing to see that you've found an aluminium foil in the middle of the pie,” they wrote in a comment.

A layer of aluminium foil squished into the pie.
A layer of aluminium foil could be seen squished into the pie. Source: Facebook

“We've raised this to the team who looks after this product because we're always looking to improve.”

The employee requested that the shopper provide some additional information, and informed her she would be eligible for a refund or replacement.

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the supermarket was not aware of any similar reports.

“At Woolworths, we take food safety very seriously. We've reached out to the customer to resolve the matter as soon as possible,” they said.

“We're not aware of any other reports on a similar nature about this product, at this time.”

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