Alt-right fanatics abandon Trump after Syria betrayal

Rob Waugh

The so-called ‘alt right’, online right-wing activists who supported Donald J Trump’s campaign, have turned on him in the wake of Trump’s Syrian missile attacks.

The "alt right" is a loose collective of right-wing social media users – who supported Trump’s campaign with conspiracy theories and anti-Hillary memes.

Activists such as Richard Spencer – a white nationalist – have said that they feel betrayed by Trump’s attack on Syria.

Some right-wing pundits, including Alex Jones of Infowars, claimed that the chemical attack allegedly carried out by government forces was in fact a ‘false flag’ operation.

Alex Jones said, ‘The White Helmets, an al-Qaeda affiliated group funded by George Soros and the British government, have reportedly staged another chemical weapon attack on civilians in the Syrian city of Khan Shaykhun to lay blame on the Syrian government.’

For many ‘alt-right’ supporters, Hillary Clinton was the warlike candidate, and Trump was an alternative who promised not to involve America in foreign conflicts.

Others have pronouncing Trump’s revolution ‘dead’ – with many disgusted that Trump has gone back on promises to avoid foreign wars and focus on ‘making America great’.

On Reddit’s ‘The Donald’ messageboard – normally filled with unquestioning support for Trump, many seem aghast at the attack.

One user says, ‘This is one of the chief reasons I voted against Clinton. F***ing hell.’