Allegedly drunk 13-year-old steals car in Brisbane with 11-year-old brother

An allegedly drunk 13-year-old boy was behind the wheel of a stolen car when it slammed into a ute with his 11-year-old brother and a friend as passengers.

The teen driver made attempts to escape authorities after the crash in Chermside, Brisbane, about 6am on Friday as stunned witnesses watched on.

Residents on Thomas Street heard the sound of screeching tyres before watching the vehicle spin round onto Charlotte Street.

"He lost complete control and he was zig zagging as he was going down Charlotte Street," witness Ellen Murr said.

Police allege the 13-year-old driver was over the drinking limit. Source: 7 News

After a short pursuit, police caught the driver on nearby Banfield Street.

They will allege the driver had an alcohol blood level of .176 - three times the limit for licensed adults.

Residents claim the incident could have been worse, considering the high frequency of traffic and pedestrians in the area.

7 News understands the 13-year-old was already on bail when allegedly stealing the car after his arrest last week due to several crimes including theft.