ALDI shopper makes disgusting discovery inside rice packet

A shopper received a grotesque surprise after peeling open a pack of pre-cooked rice purchased from ALDI.

The mum opened the Imperial Grain branded basmati rice on the weekend to an unexpected and particularly unsightly mess.

Inside the pack was a clump of brown-coloured sludge that appeared to have been partially combined with the fine white grains.

In a message of warning to others, she wrote to a Facebook group: “Just giving mums the heads up on the rice I opened on Sunday night”.

Photo shows inside of ALDI rice and brown sludge.
The woman opened the pack to find this nasty surprise inside. Source: Facebook
Photo shows packet of Imperial Grain basmati rice from ALDI.
The woman was not expecting brown sludge when she opened the packet of basmati rice. Source: Facebook

It was clear in several photos shared to the page that the packet contained a little more than the plain white rice it was meant to.

Hundreds of social media users expressed their disgust and many admitted they were grateful the problem packet didn’t end up in their household.

One woman went as far to say that the sight had caused her to vomit, while several overs indicated they had a similar reaction by posting a photo of a throwing up emoji.

“It doesn't even look like rice. That's gross,” someone else said in a comment.

Others poked fun at the unfortunate scene, jokingly suggesting the pack “came with its own curry” and looked more like “what it should on the way out, not the way in”.

There were some more reasonable suggestions, including that the brown sludge could have been caused by a small hole in the packet, allowing air to enter and spoil its contents.

The shopper opened the problem packet of rice on Sunday evening after buying it from ALDI. Source: Getty Images
The shopper opened the problem packet of rice on Sunday evening after buying it from ALDI. Source: Getty

Another thought the cause of the problem may have been weevils, writing, “they are a cereal hazard, they get into many cereal products”.

The woman behind the post cleared up some misunderstanding after some people said it looked like the product was meant to have meat inside.

“This is a bag of white basmati rice. I know what it looks like and smelt like but who knows,” she wrote in a comment.

An ALDI spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the faulty product was not up to standard.

“This is certainly not up to our standards and this customer is entitled to a full refund,” they said in a statement.

“As always, we encourage any customer who is not satisfied with any product to return to their local store.”

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