At just 13 years old, is this Australia's youngest property investor?

Akira Ellis is just 13 years old and has become one of the youngest property investors in Australia after the purchase of his first house.

His first property purchase is a four bedroom house in Frankston, Victoria, which he's already started to renovate.

He made the plunge after winning a Young Renovator's Scholarship offered by Renovating for Profit founder, Cherie Barber.

Akira Ellis could be Australia's youngest property investor.

The Gosford boy told Sunrise he still can't believe it.

"It feels amazing. At the same time it still feels unbelievable as well," he said.

Of course, Akira didn't do it all on his own with his parents chipping in to help him secure the property.

PICTURED: Akira invested in this Victorian home.

His brother and sister also own a share, with the trio using their pocket money to invest.

Ms Barber said she was immediately "impressed" with Akira's interest in investing.

Ms Barber runs workshops on investing.

"He came to one of my public speaking gigs and sat in the front row and scribbled 20 pages of notes," she said.

"I was so impressed with him, and I told him I would put him through my boot camp. He was the inspiration for my Young Renovators scholarship.

"And he won it! He won the first year and every year I gift it to five people between the age of 12 and 17."

PICTURED: Akira's property.
PICTURED: The living room in Akira's property.

Ms Barber said her business model is all about using the renovation to increase the value of a property.

"You buy it unmotivated, do a cosmetic renovation, and you manufacture instant equity," she said.

"Most of my students will be holding that property and benefiting from long-term capital growth.

"Most of them are holding now by renovate and rent."

Akira said Ms Barber's workshop teaches students to buy a decent property to start with so you don't spend too much on the renovation.

"She teaches you how to pick a property and then how to improve it," he said.

Akira said he likes Ms Barber's workshops.

"I hope to see visual changes in my property like painting and polishing the floorboards, simple things that will uplift the value."

Akira chose the property himself and is currently in the renovating stages.