WATCH: Adorable video of dog helping another pup stuck in a fence

Dogs really are a... dog's best friend, as an adorable new video filmed in Mexico shows.

Teacher Edith Govea, 33, posted the footage to Facebook of a German Shepherd trying to help his smaller friend, a white Maltese Cross, who had got stuck between two bars of a gate.

The white pooch, called Malik, is clearly struggling when all of a sudden a much bigger dog, called Bunny, leaps up from the other side of the fence.

Malik is struggling to get through the fence. Source: Facebook/Edith Govea

Using his paw, Bunny helps shuffle Malik through the bars to the other side, ushering him to safety.

The German Shepherd ushers the smaller dog through using a paw. Source: Facebook/Edith Govea

The video has been "liked" 20,000 times and shared by more than 116,000 people since Ms Govea shared it on February 23.

The footage of the two friends has gone viral since being posted online. Source: Facebook/Edith Govea