Mum lucky to be alive after being mowed down in London horror

Andrea Nicolas

The mother of the Adelaide woman injured in the London attack says her daughter was "shaken but relieved" that she was not more seriously hurt.

Café worker Patricia Neis-Beer was visiting her daughter in London when the terror attack unfolded.

The 54-year-old was among dozens of people mowed down on Westminster Bridge, her foot badly injured.

Patricia Neis-Beer underwent surgery for an injured foot. Photo: Supplied

She had taken a break from her job at an Adelaide organic café to visit her daughter overseas.

“All I know is that she’s safe, alive and being well looked after by the government,” Mrs Neis-Beer's mother Evelyn Neis-Conrad told 7 News.

Mrs Neis-Beer and her daughter had planned to travel to Spain together. That’s now been cancelled while she recovers in a London hospital from her injuries endured in the attack.

Her mother spoke to her just before she went in for surgery, but the result of that is yet to be known.

Patricia Neis-Beer was in London to visit her daughter when the terror attack unfolded. Photo: Supplied

Ms Neis Conrad said she will be anxious until her daughter is home safely in Australia.

“I have no idea when she can come home, as long as she comes home safe,” she said on Thursday.

Another South Australian caught up in the atrocity was education minister Susan Close.

“More or less immediately heard three shots,” she said.

An injured person is treated at the sight of the London terror attack. Photo: AAP

“The entire 20 minutes it took back to the hotel, siren after siren after siren; emergency services vehicles.

“I recognised that I’d been pretty close to something terrible. Subsequently I discovered what an awful tragedy it was. “

The department of foreign affairs hasn’t upgraded its travel advice for London but its urging tourists to be alert.

Police in London have revised down the death toll from the attack from five to four, with that latest advice suggesting 29 people have been injured.

A police officer, a woman in her 40s, a man in his 50s and the attacker are dead.

British Prime Minister Theresa May told parliament the attacker was British-born and had previously been investigated by MI5.

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