Adelaide boy stacks it while riding hoverboard on live television

Kate Burke

A young boy in Adelaide has learned the hard way that hoverboards and live television just don’t mix.

The boy named Charlie was showing off his hoverboard skills to Weekend Sunrise’s Sam Mac in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall this morning, when he took a tumble off his Christmas gift.

While the boy had no problem showing off his skills for the camera, he ran into trouble when Sam asked to have a spin.

Sam and Charlie discuss hoverboards in Rundle Mall. Source: Sunrise.

“Are you right to get off, do you need a hand?” Sam asked as he patted Charlie on the back.

It was then that the boy was sent tumbling to the ground, leaving the reporter and Sunrise hosts Eddie Bartholomew and Andrew O'Keefe in hysterics.

Charlie tumbles to the ground, after Sam pats him on the back. Source: Sunrise.
Charlie did not look impressed with Sam. Source: Sunrise.

“Did you just push a kid off his own overboard,” Eddie asked, as Sam helped the boy up onto his feet.

“That is not ideal,” Sam said.

“Isn’t this just the perfect advert for hoverboards,” he later joked.

Sam and Charlie. Source: Sunrise.

Luckily the boy was uninjured in the fall and was back up and smiling in no time.

This is just one of the many things that can go wrong when it comes to live television.