'Forget something?': Footy fan's disappointing find after biting into pie

A footy fan’s day went from bad to worse after biting into a party pie.

The Adelaide Crows supporter was watching his team lose against the West Coast Eagles at Adelaide Oval on Saturday when he made the disappointing discovery.

The man, who wanted to remain anonymous, claimed the pie he bit into was merely an empty pastry shell with no filling.

Opting to see the humorous side of his situation, he shared a photo on Facebook of what appears to be the hollow pie with a cheeky jab at the bakery responsible.

“Hey Balfours (Bakery).... forget something?” he wrote with a snap of the sad-looking insides of the flaky outer pie shell.

An Adelaide footy fan claims to have bitten into a pie with no filling in it. Source: Facebook

A Facebook user wasted no time in rubbing even more salt in the wound.

“Looks like it’s full of Adelaide’s chances of winning,” they wrote in a comment.

Others poked fun at the unfortunate mishap, comically suggestion it was the bakery’s new “diet range” of meat pie offerings.

A person also joked it was the business’s “vegetarian pie”, while another said it could be its “new Weight Watchers range”.

“That's the saddest things I've ever seen,” a dramatic social media user added.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Balfours Bakery for comment on the matter.

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