'Absolutely outrageous' price for Aussie lunchtime staple slammed

We know prices are going up across the board, but people say this is taking it too far.

The beloved ham and cheese croissant has long been a brunch staple at cafés around the country — but the price one establishment is charging for the buttery snack has been branded "absolutely outrageous" by stunned Aussies.

While the nation's cost-of-living crisis has been well-documented, with stubborn inflation taking longer than expected to drive down, and the price of many grocery staples still on the way up, people have accused the Melbourne venue — that's asking customers to pay $14 for the croissant — of gouging.

Café accused of 'gouging'

If you're living in one of Australia's capital cities, you can expect to pay anywhere between $10 to $15 for a sandwich or roll, but how much is too much when it comes to the trusty ham and cheese croissant? People online say the answer is anything over $10.

Pictured is a ham and cheese croissant for sale for $14.
The ham and cheese croissant has sparked debate over the appropriate price for the popular lunch snack. Source: Reddit.

"$14 for a Ham & Cheese Croissant? Is this normal in Melbourne these days?" a confused social media user asked. "Not normal, I paid $10.90 for ham and cheese croissant with a strong coffee yesterday. This place is gouging," a person said in response.

"Even if they're using quality croissants and quality free-range ham, that's very expensive. Should be about $10," said another.

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Aussies slam 'piss-take' price

"I wouldn’t pay that much at an airport owned by Macquarie Bank, let alone somewhere I have a choice. I don’t care if the chef is French, and the pig attended Harvard before ethically donating his leg," a fourth joked. "The only way to stop bulls**t like that is to not participate in it."

The general consensus online was that a ham and cheese croissant should contain approximately two slices of ham and two slices of cheese, with many claiming that, factoring in wholesale costs and standard markups, $14 doesn't add up.

"They're taking the piss. Lune's excellent ham and gruyere croissant is $10.80. Even that's pushing it but I'll let it slide due to the quality," a person said.

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