'Absolutely inappropriate': Snap Fitness slammed for Facebook post depicting 'domestic violence'

Kamilia Palu

A Brisbane gym has come under fire for posting a sexually inappropriate image on their Facebook page, which users claimed promoted domestic violence.

Snap Fitness 24/7 Gym in Spring Hill shared the picture of a man pulling a woman’s hair, while the two are engaged in a provocative pose.

“Beastmode don’t end in the gym,” the words printed across the image read, while the gym added their own caption to the image: “Borderline inappropriate? (true though hahaha)”.

Snap Fitness issued a public apology on their Facebook page after copping mass criticism over the post. Photo: Facebook

Social media users immediately criticised the business, saying the sexually-fueled picture showed “violence and dominance”.

Snap Fitness was quick to remove the post and issue an apology.

“Snap fitness would like to formally apologise of any post that is deemed offensive or that portrays violence against women as that is certainly something we do NOT support,” the post read.

“Our recent post is not in support of that and was only post about a couple in love not in any way violent.

“We apologise for anyone taking this post as offensive as it was not our intention to have it in the wrong way.

“The post was inappropriate and was removed. We will be more conscious of posts that only promote improving health in the future.”

For some Facebook users, the apology simply wasn’t enough.

“They knew it was 'borderline inappropriate' (in their own words, most would just call it very inappropriate) yet they still posted it, in this day when we are trying to stamp out violence against women. Good one, guys. I'm glad you got called out on it. Maybe next time you'll think first,” one angry woman wrote.

The gym is located in Spring Hill, near Southbank in Brisbane. Photo: Google Maps

“I hope someone is getting fired over it. I'm a Snap Fitness member and am completely disgusted by this incident. A couple in love, very weak attempt to cover your backs!” another said.

In a separate comment the business stated that the staff member who posted the photo would face “disciplinary action”.


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