Abbie Chatfield reveals how much money she made on The Bachelor

Reality TV queen Abbie Chatfield has revealed just how much money she was paid each day when she appeared on The Bachelor in 2019.

The 26-year-old, who came second on Matt Agnew’s season of the dating show, spoke openly about her contract and behind-the-scenes secrets on her national radio show Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield on Wednesday night.

Abbie Chatfield on The Bachelor.
Abbie Chatfield has revealed how much money she made on The Bachelor. Photo: Channel Ten

“I got paid $90 a day, but for me, it ended up being much more because I didn't work for three months,” she said, explaining that the money was “tax-free”.

“So I actually got money back on my tax that year and I came out with no expenses, so I had savings. It was great, I came out with like, $10,000 because I was there for three months.”

The juicy topic came up while discussing a recent report about how this year’s cast of Married At First Sight was being ‘banned from becoming influencers’ due to the fact that they won’t be able to access their Instagram accounts until a month after the show finishes airing in the UK.


“But like, we didn’t have any way to make money until three months after our final episode aired, and that’s standard,” Abbie said about her Bachelor experience.

“I didn’t really care because I have common sense so I didn’t quit my job,” she continued. “People were like ‘How are we going to make money?’. Maybe like, don’t quit your job to go on a reality show?”

The Love Island Afterparty host then went on to explain that contestants aren’t allowed to post on social media immediately after the show ends simply because it can become a “conflict of interest”.

“It’s because there are advertisement agreements,” she explained, detailing how contestants shouldn’t be promoting competing brands to the network.

“It’s not because they just want to be mean. Everyone’s like ‘It's because they don't want them to be influencers!’ No, it’s not. It’s just because of advertising rules.”

Abbie Chatfield chatting on her radio show.
Abbie explained why reality TV contestants can’t post on social media immediately after their show ends. Photos: Instagram/hotnightswithabbiechatfield

When answering other fan questions about her experience on The Bachelor, Abbie revealed that the bathroom situation in the house was a “nightmare” with 28 girls sharing three bathrooms.

She also shared that the contestants could only have one drink every half an hour at cocktail parties so it was “near impossible to get drunk”, and they were only allowed to bring two suitcases with them in the mansion.

“We make our own food, do our own washing, have to feed the llamas,” she added.

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