Husband fills wife's car with cement in act of revenge

In a crazy act of revenge, an angry husband has filled his wife’s car with cement after she changed her last name for a supermarket promotion.


Customers who legally changed their surname to the name of a Russian supermarket (Veniy) were promised to receive 50,000 RUB (A $1165.65) per month.

The Russian man claims he and his wife have been going through a rough patch in their marriage and that the name change was the final straw.

Photo: CEN/Megapolis

The payback was caught on camera in St Petersburg, Russia, where the man directs a cement-mixing lorry as it pulls up to his wife’s car.

He then directs the truck driver to let go of the load of cement, filling it to the window level.

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Photo: CEN/Megapolis

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Photo: CEN/Megapolis

The woman had recently revealed to her husband that she had changed her name, prompting the husband to seek revenge.

Photo: CEN/Megapolis