Keli Lane refused bail

Convicted baby murderer Keli Lane has been refused bail in a Sydney court this morning.

Keli Lane refused bail

Keli Lane refused bail

She applied for bail ahead of her appeal for the murder of baby daughter Tegan.

Lane looked devastated on hearing the news and her head dropped onto the table. The appeal is likely to be heard in July this year.

She appeared at the hearing via video link, wearing prison greens and her dark hair pulled back.

The former water polo player was sentenced last year to at least 13 years and five months behind bars for murdering her second baby, Tegan, on September 14, 1996.

Lane's solicitor Ben Archbold lodged the appeal papers late last year at the NSW Supreme Court.

At the time, Mr Archbold said there were eight grounds on which Lane's conviction would be appealed, including that the trial judge failed to leave open an alternative count of manslaughter to the jury.

He said it would also be contended that the crown prosecutor had reversed the onus of proof in his closing address, which was prejudicial to the trial.

"We believe that those eight grounds, that she'll be successful on one or maybe a few of them," he said.

The judge will give his reasons for refusing bail at midday tomorrow.

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