Sydney mum gives birth on front lawn

FIRST ON 7: A Sydney mother says she was grateful to hear her baby's first cry, after giving birth on her parents' front lawn.

Sydney mom gives birth on front lawn

Sydney mom gives birth on front lawn

Little Emily came so suddenly in the middle of the night, that her mum didn't even make it to the car.

Lynsey Mudie and husband Sam had a birth plan, it's just baby Emily had a different one.

"All the other babies in the hospital had never been outside in the real world, and that's where she arrived," Lynsey said.

On the front yard of Lynsey's parents house, early Sunday morning when contractions hit, she reached the car. But as the Triple-0 revealed there wasn't enough time.

"She's coming now, she's coming right now," Lynsey said.

"She's not making it back inside, she's lying down on the lawn," Lynsey's mother told Triple-0.

The baby was already crowning in the pitch-dark, and Lynsey's sister was the birth helper.

"[I] whipped out my phone, and got out my iTorch app, and lit the way for Emily to come out," baby Emily's aunt
Nicola Worrall said.

Father, Sam Mudie, said he was ready to catch the baby.

"All I remember were the instructions, don't drop her, and she came out with such force that it was so unexpected," Sam said.

FIRST ON 7: A Sydney mother has a delivery story to trump most others, after giving birth on her parents' front lawn.

It was the light from the torch app that revealed the next challenge. When Baby Emily was born on her grandparents' front lawn she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck.

Lynsey kept her finger under the cord before paramedics arrived and removed it.

She says she's never been as gratefull to hear a baby cry as that moment.

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