Outrage over shooters' legal loophole

National Parks Rangers are up in arms over a legal loophole, allowing the visually impaired to own a licensed gun and hunt.

As of March, hunting for feral animals will be allowed in 78 national parks for people licensed with the NSW Game Council.

However there are concerns about the sight of those who will be allowed to hunt in national parks.

To obtain a gun licence, game council permit or sporting shooter permit there is no eyesight test.

Rangers are worried and want a meeting with the environment department to sort the issue out.

Steve Turner from the Public Service Association said: "The department must address that risk, that high risk that's been identified of potential death before they allow this to proceed."

David Shoebridge from the NSW Greens told 7News: "We've had a State Government now apparently looking at hunting in National Parks for more than six months and they haven't done the most basic due diligence."

National Parks will be opened to shooters because of the State Government's deal with the shooters and fishers party.

But even the government's own assessment says the risk of someone being killed or seriously injured by a stray bullet is high.

Steve Turner: "One of the high profile deaths in New Zealand was when a hunter misidentified a school teacher coming out of a camp site for a dear and shot that teacher dead."

The Government was not aware of the issue until 7News started investigating and they have not confirmed whether they are looking into it. The police are worried about discriminating against people with sight problems however public safety will potentially overrule such concerns.

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