A Woman’s Place

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Reporter: Mike Munro
Producer: Rebecca Le Tourneau

Pastor Colin Campbell: forgive us our failures and forgive us our families and churches. Open our hearts lord and increase our hunger and thirst for you

Do you want your nation to survive or do you want it to die?
Do you want your country to remain a Christian country or do you want it to become an Islamic country with Sharia law ruling your land?

Mike Munro: Extreme right wing, anti-Islamic evangelical movements like these are popping up throughout the Western World.

Pastor Colin Campbell: Sections of our society today have encouraged mothers to be out of the home

Mike Munro: Families in which husbands rule supreme as Lord or King, where women must be submissive, have no career and are expected to have as many children as possible – dozens of them.

Pastor Colin Campbell: Take mothers out of the home and no wonder we’re in the problem we’re in right now.

Nancy Campbell: Females have wombs.

Mike Munro: This zealotry goes by the name of ‘Quiverful’. And if you think it could only happen in America… think again.

Nancy Campbell: I love this country, just a wonderful country.

Mike Munro: As you’ll learn, Colin and Nancy Campbell are seeking to expand their cult-like operation in Australia, but it’s in America, in Tennessee, that their ‘Church’ thrives.

The Campbells’ congregation are part of the growing Quiverful movement.

Pastor Colin Campbell: Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them, they shall not be ashamed of their enemies at their gate.

Mike Munro: Followers of Quiverful believe that children represent arrows in the fight against evil and infidels, and that each man must have a quiver full of them.

Pastor Colin Campbell: Bring these children up in the ways of the lord to be Godly citizens.

Mike Munro: The children of Quiverful are home schooled to keep them separate from the ‘corrupt’ influences of the outside world

Boys and girls have distinct roles.

The girls are brought up to have only domestic duties, cooking, cleaning having babies and doing arts and crafts like beading…

Nancy Campbell: How much did you make?

Girl: Umm… $200.

Nancy Campbell: Wow, that’s great!

Pastor Colin Campbell: These girls need to get out of the way.

Mike Munro: While the boys, with their quivers full of arrows, are encouraged to hunt and kill wild pigs and other animals.

Pastor Coliin Campbell: I hope you can bring us back some meat.

Mike Munro: This church teaches that true happiness can only be achieved if women obey their men.

Their view is that the western world must populate or perish.

It’s a war against Islam, and the battle is being fought in the womb.

Pastor Colin Campbell: The Islamics are having 8.1 member families, average and every one of them when they reach the age of eighteen will have a vote. Already in good old England there are cities that are now becoming more Islamic than English.
Can you imagine England becoming an Islamic state?

Mike Munro: One of the more controversial aspects of Quiverful is this DVD – claiming Muslims will eventually out-populate and take over the West without any conflict.

Pastor Colin Campbell: In southern France, traditionally one of the most populated church regions in the world, there are now more mosques than churches. We must prepare ourselves for the reality that in thirty years there will be 50 million Muslims living in America.

The world that we live in is not the world in which our children and grandchildren will live.

Colin: Dealing with other enemies that are bringing down our country out of prosperity into poverty, this is what we’re talking about, raising an army.

Nancy Campbell: This is Evangeline, married to Howard and they have ten children.

Mike Munro: Ten?

Nancy Campbell: So far.

Mike Munro: Although Colin and Nancy Campbell ‘only’ have six kids, their offspring are practising what they preach.

Nancy Campbell: This is Pearl married to Charlie, they have five children and this is Serene, married to Sam and she’s just had her eighth baby.

Mike Munro: Wow, so how many Grandchildren is that?

Nancy Campbell: So far.

Mike Munro: So far and counting. Looking back, do you think you were brainwashed

Vyckie Garrison: Oh yeah, it was serious brainwashing, and it was a very gradual, very incremental, sort of frog in the boiling water sort of thing cos we started out, we said we were going to home school and that seemed like a really radical idea and then we would accept another step and another step and before you know it’s like, we are seriously weird, it had just really become and it’s all up here, the whole prison, the whole trap, it was up here in my mind

Mike Munro: You were baby factories?

Vyckie Garrison: That would be, that is how I felt.

Mike Munro: Vyckie Garrison was a follower of Colin and Nancy Campbell, and Quiverful.

She was a believer and a breeder. Seven children in all, not including the miscarriages.

Mike Munro: None of your births were very easy were they?

Vyckie Garrison: I had horrendous pregnancies and deliveries every time.

Mike Munro: For all 7 children?

Vyckie Garrison: Yes.

Mike Munro: She and her husband Warren believed breeding was her duty but Vicky’s last childbirth nearly killed her.

Vyckie Garrison: I had a partial uterine rupture, I almost died. My doctor told Warren, don’t put your wife through this ever again.

Mike Munro: But you were prepared to go on and have more children even after that.

Vyckie Garrison: Even at that point I was not going to say No God, that’s it, I’m going to protect myself, I was committed, I actually had two more pregnancies and miscarried after that.

Mike Munro: In the home her husband was dominant and domineering.

How submissive were you as a wife?

Vyckie Garrison: All I ever answered him was yes dear. Being submissive to men was one of the worst parts because women had no control. The lack of respect from them, all I wanted was to be a guy, to be a boy.

Mike Munro: Also living under the iron rule of Vickie’s husband was Angel, her daughter.

Angel’s childhood was all about being indoctrinated into the ways of Quiverfull and the role of women.

They have the job to make babies and train them.

Mike Munro: And no career?

Mike Munro: With her mum in and out of hospital having children, Angel was expected to care for all her siblings.

She felt trapped and her relationship with her father deteriorated, so Angel was sent to Nancy and Colin Campbell for counselling.

Angel: Colin Campbell, he would call me a liar, he would say, you just don’t want to respect your Dad you just have a problem with respect and you need to learn that saying things about your dad to get attention is not the way to get attention if you want to be loved you have to respect your dad.

Mike Munro: So you arrived really excited about it but it became far worse didn’t it?

Angel: By the time they were finished, I was convinced myself that I was crazy because I didn’t know what was true and what wasn’t. I thought that I was telling myself things about my family that wasn’t true. I wasn’t good enough for my family, my family was perfect and I was the stray sheep, no matter what I did, I could not be perfect and if I’m not perfect I didn’t even want to be her

Mike Munro: And how old were you at the time?

Angel: I was nineteen.

Mike Munro: After Angel’s suicide attempt her mother began to challenge Quiverful and her husband.

The final straw came when she took a brief trip and left her children in his care.

Vyckie Garrison: The pastor at our home church, they had a list of what I needed to comply with to see my kids again.

Mike Munro: And then you realised what?

Vyckie Garrison: And when that happened I said I am not playing games when it comes to my kids.

Mike Munro: Enough was enough. Vicky collected her kids, left her husband and the Church, and moved to Nebraska.

Last month Colin and Nancy Campbell returned briefly to Australia.

Pastor Colin Campbell: I looked at the TV last night, Australia has its gods, beer unfortunately, sports, sun, surf, sand and entertainment like you wouldn’t believe and so there’s no time for children.

Fathers need to encourage their wives and say to them, we need you at home.

Mike Munro: Worldwide, they claim 150 000 followers.

On the Gold coast they were seeking a few more; an all female congregation, all potential converts to Quiverful.

Quiverfull follower: Being the role of a wife and a mother is something amazing in and of itself whereas this world would seek to destroy that and to really trample it down by saying it doesn’t matter women can do things as good as men but that’s never meant to be like that.

Mike Munro: Nancy was the star attraction preaching her ‘gender gospel’.

Nancy Campbell: A woman is a womb man, they can never get away from it.

Mike Munro: Vicky and her children did escape Quiverful and they thank God every day that they did.

Vyckie Garrison: I believe it is a cult …and baby after baby.”

Mike Munro: How has your life changed today, how much better is it?

Vyckie Garrison: It’s awesome, the whole world is open to them.

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