A quick ‘cop-nap’ on the job

Caity Stone

A woman walking her dog stumbled on a uniformed officer sleeping behind the wheel of his cop car and snapped an image of him taking the nap.

The unidentified officer was taking the siesta while sitting in the driver’s seat of the parked vehicle.

“It made me really furious,” she said. “I work as a flight attendant and work 16 hours a day and I don’t fall asleep.

A speed gun also featured in the snap was resting on the car’s dashboard.

The picture igniting a firestorm of controversy online since it was posted on social media.

The photographer, Kimberly Banschbach, said the officer was having the snooze for at least 15 minutes while his vehicle was stationary on Mareeba’s Anzac Ave.

Kimberly Banschbach saw the cop while she was walking her dog. Source: Facebook

“It made me really furious,” she told The Cairns Post.

“I work as a flight attendant and work 16 hours a day and I don’t fall asleep.

“I don’t have an issue with police officers, I’ve got friends in the industry, and I’m sure they do a good job. But it’s never acceptable to be sleeping in public in uniform.”

The Cairns flight attendant. Source: Facebook

According to The Cairns Post gave police the photos yesterday and a spokeswoman said they were looking into the matter.

“The Queensland Police Service is aware of the photos and investigating the circumstances,” she said.

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