A father's love

02 September, 2012

Reporter/Producer: Tim Noonan

The power of a father’s love can work miracles – just look at Jackson Keleher. When Jackson’s brain was starved of oxygen after birth, doctors said he would never stand up, talk, or walk. They said that he had suffered severe brain damage, had quadriplegic cerebral palsy, and would be disabled from the neck down for life.

But doctors underestimated the determination of Jackson’s father, David, who gave up everything to devote himself to his little boy. Two years later, after an incredible journey of pain, joy and inspiration, Sunday Night was there as this plucky toddler stood up for the very first time.

Sunday Night has been with Jackson and David every step of the way. The story of their bond, and what they have achieved together, is the most heart-warming story you’ll see this Father’s Day.

To find out more about Jackson’s story or if you’d like to donate please visit Walk Talk Fly, The Jackson Keleher Cerebral Palsy Fund.

The inaugural World Cerebral Palsy Day takes place on September 4, with 28 countries involved. Around the world, 17 million people have cerebral palsy.

If you'd like information or advice about cerebral palsy, CLICK HERE.


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