$300K raised for fast food worker after 'tragic' gift for 27 years service

A man who worked at a fast-food restaurant for almost 30 years was given a "shameful" gift for his time at the company, however, strangers on the internet have rallied around him.

Kevin Ford never missed a day of work at a Burger King in Las Vegas and his daughter Seryna said he started there when he got custody of his two daughters to support them.

He stuck around even after he remarried, using the "amazing" health insurance the company offered to benefit his family.

"My dad continues to work here because though he does look young, he is coming up on retirement age and leaving would cost him his retirement," Seryna said.

Pictured is fast food employee Kevin Ford, who has worked at Burger King for 27 years
Kevin Ford was appreciative of the gift he received after working for 27 years for fast food company, Burger King, but the internet thought he deserved more. Source: Instagram/thekeep777

To mark 27 years at the company, Mr Ford was given a gift that was widely panned online after a video of his reaction was shared online.

The gift is believed to have come from HMSHost, a company that employs Burger King staff.

He received a drink tumbler, a lanyard, Reese's chocolate and some Lifesavers, pens and a single movie ticket, among other things.

In the video he shared to Instagram in May, Mr Ford seemed genuinely appreciative and continued to thank the company for his gifts.

"It's good to show their appreciation to loyalty," he says in the video.

However, some thought he deserved more for his service and praised his humility. The video of Mr Ford going through his goodie bag was shared widely across several social media platforms.

"No it is actually tragic. It is not about appearances," one person said in response to the video shared on Reddit.

"These companies expect the world out of their employees every day, after 27 years of service, he deserves so much more."

Things took a turn when Seryna decided to step in and help out her dad and start a GoFundMe.

Kevin Ford said he has been overwhelmed by the support he received after his video went viral. Source: Today Show/NBC
Kevin Ford said he has been overwhelmed by the support he received after his video went viral. Source: Today Show/NBC

In just a week, the GoFundMe raised over $A330,000 for Mr Ford.

Seryna said her father was not expecting any money, however, she said if anyone would like to donate, he would "love to visit his grandchildren".

"I’m here trying to get through dinner without crying," she wrote.

"You are such remarkable people. I seriously can’t believe this. Y’all are changing his life!"

Mr Ford ended up "missing a day of work" to speak with NBC's Today Show. He said the last few days have been like a "dream come true", adding he had been overwhelmed by the support.

In a statement to the Today Show, HMSHost said Mr Ford is a "valued associate and member" of the company.

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