Crow ruffles feathers on golf course

Crow ruffles feathers on golf course

Crow ruffles feathers on golf course

The feathers are flying at a South Australian golf course as members try to deal with a birdie they don’t actually want.

A crow has declared the 8th hole of the Mt Osmond Golf Club in the Adelaide Hills his home ground and passes the time by wreaking havoc on players.

And in Adelaide, what better name for a burley crow than Riccuito?

“I’ve seen him take a $5 note out of somebody’s wallet and one of my playing partners lost a pair of sunglasses,” golfer Andrew Long told 7News.

The pesky crow has a browse through the items on offer in a golf bag on the fairway at Mt Osmond. Photo: 7News.

He often swoops in to try and steal food, tees and the occasional ball, and according to members, the crow has even been known to make off with a pack of cigarettes.

But he seems to have taken a particular liking to the clubhouse delicacies.

“A mate of mine went up and bought a pie one Saturday and he came back down and took the pie off the buggy seat and it must’ve been hot because he dropped it in the middle of the pond,” one golfer told 7News.

The locals are getting sick of cleaning up after the pesky bird, and have even installed a bin on the 8th so his latest victims can dispose of their rubbish.

Now it has its sandwich, Ricciuto has to find a way to get into the wrapping: Photo: 7News.