Zippos Circus banned from returning to Wandsworth after 'completely unacceptable' damage to common

Zippos Circus will not be returning to Wandsworth, the council has said (Wandsworth Council)
Zippos Circus will not be returning to Wandsworth, the council has said (Wandsworth Council)

A circus “will not be returning” to green spaces in south-west London after the “completely unacceptable” damage it caused to Wandsworth Common.

Wandsworth Council has slammed Zippos Circus after large sections of grass were ripped up at the park and tyre tracks appeared next to where a big top was set up.

In a statement, Wandsworth Council said it had cut how long the circus can stay at the site and the circus will be charged for the cost of repairs.

A post on X said: “Zippos Circus will not be returning to any Wandsworth green spaces in future and they are being charged the cost of renewing and repairing these grassed areas. In addition, their permitted length of stay on the common has been reduced.

“In light of what has happened this week, we will be reviewing what activities will be allowed on green spaces going forward and also how vehicle access on grass is managed by contractors.

“We will do everything possible to ensure this does not happen again to any Wandsworth parks, commons or green spaces.”

The damage has caused outcry from Londoners with one taking to social media to complain the common could “take months to recover”.

Another resident took aim at the circus on X claiming it had “butchered the common with your trucks”.

Another neighbour added: “You have ruined our beautiful Common. Children’s sport on the common was cancelled yesterday because of the wet weather but you drove HGV trucks all over it.”

Last year Zippos Circus was also barred from performing by Lambeth Council at Streatham Common following “extensive damage” it caused when setting up.

At the time a Lambeth Council spokesperson said: “Instead of stopping and seeking guidance from the council on the best approach in the circumstances the operators continued their set-up work.

“This contributed to the significant damage caused to the important and much loved green space.”

Zippos Circus has been contacted for comment.