Zelenskyy awards Ukrainian writers and poets killed in the war

Maksym Kryvtsov died on January 7
Maksym Kryvtsov died on January 7

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy bestowed the Order of Merit, Third Class, on novelist Viktoria Amelina, writer Volodymyr Vakulenko, poet Maxym Kryvtsov, and actor Vasyl Kukharsky, who all died either in battle or from Russian terror attacks.

The corresponding decree was published on the president’s website on Jan. 22.

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Maxym Kryvtsov was killed in battle on Jan. 7. In December 2023, Ukrainian publisher Nash Format published a book of his poems.

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Vasyl Kukharsky, who starred in Maksym Osa and Toloka, died from severe wounds sustained at the front on Dec. 7, 2023.

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Viktoria Amelina became the 13th victim of a Russian missile strike on a cafe in Kramatorsk, Donetsk Oblast, on June 27, 2023. She died in the hospital on July 1.

Volodymyr Vakulenko disappeared in Kapitolivka, Kharkiv Oblast, in March 2022. His body, with gunshot wounds, was later found in a mass grave in liberated Izium.

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