Young mum's tragic death after 'cosmetic touch up' left her hospitalised

The woman died from a triple cardiac arrest two days after the operation.

Mum Yulieth Fernanda Díaz Medina before death.
Yulieth Fernanda Díaz Medina, 26, died from cardiac arrest following 'cosmetic touch-ups'. Source: Jam Press

A young mum has died following an operation where she received "cosmetic touch-ups" after developing a fever and chills in the days that followed.

The 26-year-old had three "touch-ups" in a single session, it's been reported, and two days later, tragically died from a triple cardiac arrest.

After the procedure, Yulieth Fernanda Díaz Medina returned home to recover, but the next day, on 17 May, she restarted feeling unwell.

Her husband took her to a local hospital, in Pitalito, Colombia, where medics kept her in for tests. However, her condition worsened and she died in the hospital from three cardiac arrests the next morning.

Yulieth, 26, is survived by her mother Yolanda, her husband, and her six-month-old child, who was born by Caesarean section. The police are now investigating the exact cause of her death.

The clinic, in Medellín, where she had the plastic surgery says the procedure was carried out normally.

Yulieth’s widower, Fabián Martínez Rodríguez, shared the tragic news with friends and family on social media.

"To everyone who has shared kind words, I am deeply grateful for your support," he said.

The tragedy comes just one year after the death of Yulieth’s father, Oveimar. He died from the injuries he’d sustained in a shooting at his home on 17 March 2023.

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