Everything we know about You season 5

Penn Badgley’s dark Netflix drama prepares for its final outing

Penn Badgley in You
You is returning to Netflix for a fifth and final season. (Netflix)

Season 4 of stalker drama You may have only recently dropped on Netflix but You season 5 is already in the works and set to wrap up Joe Goldberg’s twisted tale back in the city where it all began.

Debuting in 2018, You tells the tale of a bookstore manager who harbours a deep and dark secret life as a stalker. Across the show’s four seasons, we’ve followed him to Los Angeles and even across the pond as his fascination with the opposite sex leads him down some dark and dangerous paths.

With the show’s impending fifth outing, Joe’s story is set to reach a climactic conclusion that’s bound to be full of twists, turns and unexpected character moments.

What else do we know about You season 5? Read on for all the information you need.

When will You season 5 be released?

Penn Badgley in You
Penn Badgley stars as Joe Goldberg in You. (Netflix)

You season 5 does not yet have a release date but when it’s ready to land, you’ll find it on Netflix.

Production for the new series began in late 2023 in New York, with the show’s official social media channel sharing a photo of star Penn Badgley back in character as Joe to mark the start of the shoot.

It’s likely that we can expect to see You season 5 hit Netflix in late 2024.

Is there a trailer for You season 5?

An official trailer for You season 5 has not yet been released but Netflix has teased the show’s final outing with a short clip that chronicles Goldberg’s dark past and story so far.

As 2024 gets underway, it’s surely only a matter of time before Joe emerges again, this time in a fully-fledged trailer.

What is the plot of You season 5?

Penn Badgley and Charlotte Ritchie in You
Joe's stalking exploits have taken him from New York, to LA and London. (Netflix)

You is based on the popular book series by author Caroline Kepnes and follows a man who lives a double life as an introverted stalker who becomes fascinated with various women, often with deadly results.

In season one, we meet Joe in New York City where he becomes obsessed with an aspiring author. Season two took him to Los Angeles to escape his recent issues in the Big Apple and adopt a brand new identity only to fall back on old habits and become obsessed with a local chef, aptly named Love.

Series 4 sticks with Joe and Love as they live a seemingly normal life in the suburbs but it’s not long before his fascination with stalking remerges and he becomes infatuated with his librarian neighbour. By the time the credits roll, he’s finally able to admit to himself that he has dark and disturbing qualities and most worrying of all – he actually starts to embrace them.

You season 5 brings Joe back to the Big Apple where his story began this time with a new partner and as the show’s official synopsis explains, “a dangerous new lease on life.” Netflix also adds that it’s “a life he’s finally admitted is fundamentally immoral, something that Badgley is excited about exploring.”

Who is in the cast of You season 5?

Penn Badgley in You
Things often take a dark turn when Joe finds a new obsession. (Netflix)

Badgley will once again return to play Joe, with Charlotte Ritchie playing his wealthy new wife Kate. The Flight Attendant’s Griffin Matthews will play Kate’s brother Teddy, someone who has been described as “snarky yet loyal”.

Hysteria! star Anna Camp will be playing dual roles as Kate’s identical twin sisters - the cunning company boss Raegan and the manipulative PR-pro Maddie. Meanwhile, Madeline Brewer will play Bronte, a wild and free-spirited playwright who starts working at Joe’s new bookstore.

Elsewhere, a Netflix Tudum event has announced that You season 5 will also bring Joe face-to-face with a mysterious figure from his past – but as it stands, that person remains a mystery…

You season 5 will be released on Netflix