'You ain't got no rights': US cop stripped of badge for violent assault on man sitting on mother’s porch

Samuel Hussey

A US police officer has been stripped of his badge after repeatedly assaulting a man while he was sitting on his mother’s porch.

The unprovoked attack was captured on Officer Travis Cole’s body camera on June 17, who has since been stripped of all law enforcement credentials for using excessive force.

Dejuan Yourse was waiting on the porch of his mother’s North Carolina home when the police were alerted about a possible break in.

North Carolina man Dejuan Yourse was waiting on his mother's porch when police were alerted about a possible break in.

“You understand what this looks like though right?” officer Cole asked Mr Yourse when he arrived at the scene.

“Why are you talking to me like that?” Mr Yourse can be heard saying after providing his ID to the two police officers.

After nine minutes of intense questioning, a now agitated Mr Yourse attempted to make a phone call before Cole quickly intervened.

Officer Cole did not take it well when Mr Yourse decided to make a phone call.

“Yo, come to my mother f*****g mum’s house, the police is over here and they harassing me,” he said on the phone.

“Okay, off the phone,” Officer Cole can be heard saying as the first of many punches is laid on Mr Yourse.

“Get on the ground or I am going to hit you again."

Officer Tom Cole was unanimously stripped of his badge after the body camera footage showed the violent attack was unprovoked.

The body camera footage shows Cole dragging Mr Yourse from his porch seat before slamming him to the ground, threatening to punch him again.

“I’m not resisting, I’m not resisting,” a terrified Mr Yourse can be heard yelling.

Arrested by the unnamed female officer, charges of resisting arrest were dropped two months later when the Greensboro City Coucil voted unanimously to remove Cole from the police force.

"There was nothing in that video that prompted Officer Cole to go from zero to a thousand in less than a second," Councilwoman Sharon Hightower told Greensboro.com.

"Certainly police have the right to use force. I think that Officer Cole crossed the line."

The charges of resisting arrest against Mr Yourse were dropped when Officer Cole was fired from the police force.