Yorkshire duo sent home from Bake Off: The Professionals

Ashley and Kian from Pudding Lab had promised to dance The Worm if they stayed in.

Pictured: (L-R) Ashley and Kian from Pudding Lab
Bake Off: The Professionals said goodbye to Ashley and Kian from Pudding Lab. (Channel 4)

Bake Off: The Professionals viewers were denied Ashley and Kian's victory dance, as they were sent home.

The owners of of Pudding Lab in Yorkshire had promised host Liam Charles they would perform The Worm if they stayed in, but their coconut carnival showstopper failed to make the judges feel in the party spirit.

Ashley Close and Kian Lian were sent home and so never did do The Worm for The Great British Bake Off spin-off on Channel 4.

Pictured: (L-R) Ashely and Kian from Pudding Lab
Ashely and Kian from Pudding Lab were going to do The Worm if they stayed in. (Channel 4)

The professional bakers were challenged with making a showpiece celebrating carnival incorporating movement, colour and exotic flavours.

Ashley and Kian based their whowpiece on Chapeltown West Indian Carnival in Leeds which they said is "better than Notting Hill". Charles asked them: "You must throw down some moves in carnival. What's your dance move?" Ashley said: "I've seen him [Kian] do The Worm before. If we stay in this week, we'll both do it."

They topped their colourful Isomalt poles with chocolate coconuts. Judge Cherish Finden asked them: "There will be no decoration? Just coconuts! Is that enough?" Ashley said: "It will have to be all in the flavour then won't it? It will have to be a good coconut."

But their coconuts clearly weren't good enough and host Ellie Taylor announced they would be going home. Judge Finden told them it was, "Not tall enough."

While Benoit Blin said: "It's colourful, does it shout carnival? Not enough. All in all it has been executed beautifully, if only it could look as good as it tasted." Ashley admitted he was "a bit gutted" to be leaving the tent so soon.

Pictured: (L-R) Ben and Jason
Bake Off Professionals Ben and Jason thought they were going home. (Channel 4)

Duo Ben and Jason confessed they thought they had stayed in the competition by the skin of their teeth. Ben has taken part in Bake Off: The Professionals before, having made it to the final six in season 7. Since then, he has worked for the likes of Cédric Grolet, L'oscar London and Arôme Bakery.

After the results were announced Ben admitted: "It was a miracle. We were both fully prepared to go home." Ajay and Petra, from Birmingham-based Michelin starred restaurant Adam's were named the winners of the episode.

Bake Off: The Professionals has sparked complaints from some viewers who have said they don't want to see so many spoilers.

The Channel 4 show has returned to TV screens for its ninth series. But some were unimpressed by the fact that snippets of what was to come in the competition seemed to have been shown.

A few posted messages on X saying they didn't want any surprises ruined for them.

Bake Off: The Professionals 2024 airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.