New York dog gets City Council citation for rat kills in war against vermin

A New York City dog named Luna received an award Thursday for killing rats.

City Council Member Chi Ossé posted on the social platform X awarding Luna a City Council Citation for the work she’s done.

“We just presented an official @NYCCouncil citation to Luna the Dog for being New York’s strongest solider in our war against the rats,” Ossé posted.

“With over 200 confirmed kills, including over 60 this year alone, Luna is holding the front line and making us proud,” he said.

He shared a photo with Luna and of her citation, which said it’s given to individuals who give “exemplary service” to their communities.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has said he hates rats and would hire a rat czar to help rid the city of its vermin. It’s been a years-long effort for Manhattan leaders to try to tackle the city’s rat problem.

In April, Adams announced that Kathleen Corradi, a former elementary school teacher, would lead the city’s efforts to battle the potentially millions of rats in Manhattan.

In both New York and Washington, D.C., a group of dogs and their owners head out late at night to catch rats.

They walk in dark alleyways and behind restaurants to unleash their dogs, trained to bite, rip and efficiently kill rats, which the owners say is more humane than traps or poison, The Washington Post reported last year.

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