WWE Royal Rumble 2024: Live results, review and video highlights as it happens

wwe royal rumble 2024
WWE Royal Rumble 2024: Live results and highlightsWWE

First the elephant in the room. For legal and practical reasons, we're not going to be discussing all that in this live review (you can read our coverage here). Tonight it's all about Royal Rumble 2024 and the Road to WrestleMania XL.

Despite hardly any names being officially confirmed by the WWE (just eight men and five women) there's as much excitement as ever when it comes to our two Rumble matches.

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That's partly because of hell freezing over with the return of CM Punk a couple of months back, and partly the delayed gratification of Cody Rhodes being yet to finish his story.

Beyond those two building on THAT promo battle, we've got a Women's Royal Rumble that's maybe the most open we've had so far.

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And the not-so-small matter of Kevin Owens trying to take WWE United States Champion Logan Paul down a peg or two (and nab his belt), and Roman Reigns making sure he's actually still holding that gold come WrestleMania XL, rather than LA Knight, AJ Styles or Randy Orton.

Before then, you can sit back, relax and watch the one-hour pre-show kick-off for FREE right here.

Our kick-off panel is DSWWE favourite and Manics superfan Wade Barrett, Booker T, Jackie Redmond and Peter Rosenberg.

We're reminded that no-one has won back-to-back Rumbles since 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin 1997 and 1998, so Cody Rhodes has quite the mountain. We're also given teasers for the other matches, including an Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match where Roman Reigns has zero champion's advantage.

Lots of speculation that Rhea Ripley may pop in the Rumble and try to control the narrative of who she faces at WMXL. Not unheard of...

Prediction time for the women's Rumble! Wade: Nia Jax. Booker T: Bianca Belair. Peter Rosenberg: Bayley.

WWE's top wrestlers in the kick-off show sharing their favourite Rumble moments as a fan.

Poor Titus O'Neill's viral slide getting a shoutout, as well as Kofi Kingston's saves and R-Truth nominating his own memorable ladder mishap.

Prediction time for the big title match. Wade: Reigns, Booker T: LA Knight. Rosenberg: Reigns. Paul Heyman shuts down any doubters with a powerful spoiler-not-prediction.

Plenty of hate between Kevin Owens and Logan Paul explored in one of those classic WWE videotapes, before country music fella Jelly Roll joins the panel for some reason.

Not long to go, and we get a few words from a calm-as-can-be CM Punk at Tropicana Field ion St Petersberg, Florida, who admits to some nerves "but I'm going to make the butterflies all fly in formation today". Great line. And after some more nattering, we're ready to go.

Women's Royal Rumble Match

Special guest commentator Pat McAfee pops by again, but Michael Cole knew about it this time at least.

We're explicitly told that the winner of the match will main event WrestleMania, and Natalya is number one in the Rumble followed by our first big surprise, it's a returning Naomi!

TNA and Naomi's run as Knockouts champ getting a shoutout, which is nice. The women lock up and get to it after a handshake.

Nattie starts well and Naomi responds, but both women should really aim to conserve some energy and attention as the countdown starts. In next is Bayley.

She soaks up the adoration. Naomi uses some butt-based offense that tickles the commentary, before Bayley and Nattie try to go two-on-one on her. Another countdown and it's Candice LeRae, and she immediately steps to Bayley before Nattie breaks it up.

LeRae takes out Bayley and Nattie in one before looking to Naomi. Next in is Jordynne Grace WITH HER TNA KNOCKOUTS CHAMPIONS BELT. Commentary giving TNA props, more than they did Mickie James we'd say. Amazing stuff.

Jordynne and Naomi embrace for a moment before they go at it.

Next in is Indi Hartwell, still no eliminations! LeRae and Hartwell join forces, for now.

Next in Asuka, looking resplendent. Bayley doesn't look best pleased about this all, but they join forces to take on Nattie and then Indie Hartwell. Asuka gets Indi on the apron, but then misses a hip attack.

INDI HARTWELL ELIMINATED by Bayley moments before Ivy Nile enters, all full of energy.

Next in Katana Chance, who lost her tag team title belt but will hope to add to he back catalogue of Rumble saves, and maybe a win too while she's here.

Time for a double vertical suplex in the ring while Nattie grapples with Asuka. 2021 winner Bianca Belair enters. she makes an impact and ALMOST eliminates both Bayley and bother Asuka but both survive.

Belairgets up and LeRae tries to take advnatage but now LeRae and Chance are double stacked before Bayley breaks it up and gets a vertical suplex for her troubles. Now Kairi Sane is in and it's all Damage CTRL.

Sane rescues Bayley from Belair. Pandemonium in there but no-one looks close to being eliminated.

Bayley goes over the top but survives and along with her pals CANDICE LeRAE IS ELIMINATED by the trio. Next in Tegan Nox.

who makes a strong start before Grace gets involved. Nattie saves Nox and then hits a clothesline on the TNA champ. She embraces

NATALYA ELIMINATED after foolishly hugging Nox. then TEGAN NOX IS ELIMINATED by Bayley in quick succession.

Kayden Carter in next and saves Katana Chance immediately, who look like wanting revenge

Kairi Sane SOMEHOW saved by her heels and the side of the ring and Asuka but it's a brief reprieve and KAIRI SANE IS ELIMINATED and then ASUKA IS ELIMINATED. Only Bayley left of Damag CTRL and despite seeming miffed they were there seems MORE miffed that they're gone.

Noe Chelsea Green enters. She survives two elimination attempts from Bianca before eating a spinebuster from Grace. Grace and Belair go at it. First inside then on the apron.

JORDYNNE GRACE IS ELIMINATED after KOD from Belair on the apron. In at 15 is Chelea Green's pal Piper Niven.

Niven catches Chelsea Green on the outside and teases dropping her, before a sensible chuckle and depositing her on the steps. Niven gets to work inside.

After Naomi ducks out the way Niven batters Green, who crumples, before a bunch of ladies all take on Piper. At 16/30 is Xia Li, who comes out with some swords but leaves them near the entrance before legging it to the ring.

Next in is Zelina Vega who gets on in there and reverses a grip from Piper Niven into a Tornado DDT. Now it's Alpha Academy's Maxxine Dupri.

Belair and Vega join forces to go after Piper Niven. Niven ELIMINATES KAYDEN CARTER and next in is Nia Jax. Piper Niven immediately gives a glare. She catches Vega straight away and then goes at Xia Lee and XIA LEE IS ELIMINATED. Then IVY NILE IS ELIMINATED via the ring post on the outside. Piper goes for Nia but she ducks and Cherlsea gets squished.

Piper and Nia go at it, and Chelsea again and again takes the brunt of it. Poor Chelsea. Naomi kicks Jax, who falls. Again on Chelsea

Shotzi in on her mini-tank! She makes contact with Nia who'd already taken some damage from Naomi. Dupri gets in on the action after some dance moves, and now everyone in the ring is teaming up on Nia who repels them all!


Then KATANA CHANCE IS ELIMINATED by Nia. Didn't quite get saved by Chelsea and Piper's bodies.

Now it's time for big time Bex. Becky Lynch enters! She goes straight for Nia Jax, obvously. Becky takes on Zelina, Shotzi, then Bayley with a series of moves. now CHELSEA GREEN IS ELIMINATED after a friendly pat from Becky.

In comes Alba Fyre, waved on by Isla Dawn. Fyre doubles up on Zelina and Shotzi. Becky just saves herself after some offense from Nia. Fyre just saves herself too. Now at 23 it's Shayna Baszler.

Bazler does some damage, including a knee to Shotzi's face, and floors Jax, too. Bayle gets Bianca over the top and hanging on to the rope, but Belair survives. And in next Valhalla, antlers and all!! Followed immediately by R-Truth?!

Valhall hasn't entered the ring yet, but Truth is in and faceto face with Nia, and if he was in... R-TRUTH IS ELIMINATED. And then VALHALLA IS ELIMINATED while Truth has it out with Adam Pearce.

Michin is in at 25. She does better than Valhalla with her own burst of energy taking down a bunch of women. Naomi gets Fyre over the top, Fyre temporarily saves herself, but not for long. ALBA FYRE IS ELIMINATED.

In comes Zoe Stark immediately making an impact on Michin, Bwecky, Naomi and Shotzi. Zelina and Shayna on the apron, Zoey Stark and Shayna join forces (Shayna holding, Zoey kickin') and ZELINA VEGA IS ELIMINATED despite Alba Fyre breaking her fall.

In next is NXT's Roxanne Perez. She looks good for bit before Bayley gets her over the top, briefly. We get a glimpse of Belair saving herself for the unmpteenth time.

SHAYNA BASZLER IS ELIMINATED and then MICHIN IS ELIMINATED, both by Nia Jax, who's having a great Rumble. And then SHOTZI IS ELIMINATED too!

Next in is out tip for the winner. Long-awaited debut of Jade Cargill! And Nia Jax stares DAGGERS at first, before a big grin.

Nia implores the crowd to give it a cheer, and that they do. The women have a chat and then exchange blows. Nia gets Jade, up but she wriggles up.

She gets Jax up and then slammed down and then up and over the top! NIA JAX IS ELIMINATED. What a display of pure strength!

Bayley and then Becky step to Cargill. Cargill goes for it headfirst but Bex dodges it and goes headfirst into the post. Tiffany Stratton joins. She flies over the top and takes out a load of women with a swanton, before going at it with Becky and then NXT colleague Perez.

Last woman in is the returning Liv Morgan back after MONTHS on the shelf! She dishes out some damge to a few women, incuding Bayley, before Zoey Stark responds, but ZOEY STARK IS ELIMINATED by Liv.

ROXANNE PEREZ IS ELIMINATED by Tiffany Stratton, despite doing her best to hang on by her fingertips.

Belair and Cargill toss some women aside before they eye each other up, face to face But then Bayley and Stratton break things up.

Naomi been in for an hour. Bayley almost as long. Jade puts Naomi down. Jade counters Manhandle slam from Bex and get Bex up top and over the apron but somehow she saves herself, but it's only temporary.

Cargill ELIMINATED BECKY LYNCH with an assist from Naomi's boot an then ELIMINATES NAOMI. Five women left!

Strattion on the outside and tries to pull Belair down by her hair TIFFANY STRATTON IS ELIMINATED and BIANCA BELAIR IS ELIMINATED cortesy of Bayley.

Now it's just Bayley, Liv Morgan and Jade Cargill.

Bayley breaks first but Liv gets her over. Bayley saves herself. Liv and Jade going at it now,. Baylye tries to get involved but almost comes a cropper.

Now Bayley and LIv join forces with Jade on the apron! Jade saves herself once, aves herself twice

Liv hits Cargill with an Oblivion JADE CARGILL IS ELIMINATED! bug Liv is still on the apron and Bayley takes advantage and LIV MORGAN IS ELIMINATED.


SNAP REVIEW: Well, that was pretty great, wasn't it? Sure, there were a fair few periods where the crowds seemed to be sitting on their hands a bit, and we didn't have any super saves (looked like a few maybes), but other than that it was an incredibly decent Royal Rumble match.

We had not only the early return of Naomi who had a storming match, and the debut of Jade Cargill who made quite the impact, but we had the TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace, belt and all, with the commentary team giving that wrestler, company and title all the props.

We had some great sequences. Becky's elimination, Tiffany and Belair's elimination. Jade tossing out Nia. R-Truth's mistaken entrance. And the squishing of Chelsea Green. There were lots of nice little story threads picked up, soem good representation of the women of NXT, and no need for a slew of old timers to fill out the numbers.

And in terms of the match and the story, the right woman won, too. B+

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs Randy Orton vs AJ Styles vs LA Knight

Randy Orton out first, then AJ Styles, then LA Knight and then, with no little pomp, and Roman Reigns.

Fingers raised in their thousands to mark 1,245 days as champ.

And after a grin from Roman Reigns, the three other men go straight for hi and his expression changes sharpish.

They get him in the corner and take turns, before Styles and Knight break it off for their own punchup.

Orton and Reigns on the outside while AJ and LA go out it on the inside. Knight teases flying off the apron. But he's too smart for that. He walks down and repeatedly slams Styles into the announce table.

Reigns looks like getting involved but Orton stops it and slams him into teh table. Then the same treatment for Styles from The Viper. Now Knight repeatedly slams Orton facefirst into that announce table cover. Orton survives and drops Knight onto the table, before getting Reigns into the steps headfirst.

Orton gets Reigns over the top, and now Styles and Orton are at it too inside. Orton gets the edge with a power slam, but then eats a kick from Knight who then hits a side Russian legsweep on Reigns.

So far we'd say LA Knight has been the best man of thematch, but he eats a big first from Reigns, who gets the first cover of the match for two. A stomp on Orton's hand to keep him out of it and now he takes control and slows things down.

Knight easts a lot of damage from Reigns, who's still taking his time, and takes a little too much time and AJ Styles goes for the back of the knee, but RR counters into a back body drop.

He calls for the ones and then goes for a Superman Punch but LA Knight dodges it and returns with a flurry of blows. Then a DDT. Then a bodyslam from Knight for two!

Knight defends himself from Orton with a boot, then zips over the ring to superplex Styles. After some time out Reigns crawls back in but Knight hits it a BFT and has it won, but AJ Styles breaks it up, just!

Styles sets up a Styles Clash on Reigns and CONNECTS. One, two, and LA Knight breaks it up! Reigns has eaten back-to-back finishers.

Reigns gets Knight on the ropes now. DDT! Orton gears up but AJ Styles goes for the forearm. Orton stops it and then RKOs to Styles, Knight, and then as Reigns goes for the Superman Punch he hits one out of nowhere on him.

ONE. TWO. TH...WHA?!?!?

Reigns is still down, but the ref is too, dragged out the way before he can ocmplete the count by Solo Sikoa. Orton is LIVID and drags Solo to the ring.

But Solo relishes it. No DQ, and Solo dishes out some punishment, stacking Knight and Orton before going for Styles on the outside. Styles dodges it and Sikoa is outtathere.

Reigns is back up. As is the official! Phenomenal Forearm from Styles! He stacks everyone! One. Two Th... Orton and everyone kicks out!

Styles gets a chair from out from under the ring. No DQ remember! Styles hits Reigns with a chair to the chest and then to the back a few times, and then the knee for good measure.

Then its LA Knight's turn. He tells Orton to stay down and then tries to make sure, but Orton gets a finger up to his eye uand hits back with an uppercut. Then a Spear from LA Knight.

Now Knight on Reigns! Goes for the BFT but can't get it. Reigns hits a Superman punch, then hits a Spear on AJ Styles. ONE, TWO, THREE


SNAP REVIEW: That was fine... good even. A bit of a tough slot. A rare Roman Reigns match for the biggest title in the business, and it wasn't closing the night. And Fatal Four-Ways are always a bit of a mess.

With all that in mind, the match delivered. All four men got their stuff in, especially LA Knight. And while there were shenanigans, it was a no DQ so sort of acceptable. With that said, there's an eye gouge and chair, but dragging the ref off is on a different level.

So Roman Reigns wins with what we'll just call it what it is. Cheating. But win he does, and while miracles could happen, he doesn't even have a title defence set before WrestleMania so he's likely to be there against tonight's Rumble winner.

We think that of the defeated men, Randy Orton has the biggest shout for a rematch, He had this one won before Sikoa got involved. It does look as though Reigns is running out of puff, and surely he can't last through WrestleMania itself? B-

WWE United States Championship: Logal Paul (c) vs Kevin Owens

No smiles from Kev. Logan Paul looks antsy. Logan offers a handshake, Kevin isn't having any of it. Logan Paul takes his time on the outside, and KO joins him and flings him into one barricade, then the other.

"THIS IS MY SHOW" he yells. The count gets to eight before KO drags him back in. A chop, followed by a German from Owens to Paul, who's been dominating Logan again makes himself scarce and goess to the outside, and sneaks a hit on KO's injured hand.

Owens shrugs it off and hits a Senton on the outside, then a couple of chops that have Paul wailing. Logan Paul stomps the hand and then leaps over the ring to floor Owens.

Now Paul slams Owens hand into the ring post and then his head into the steel steps. Now a crossbody off the top, flips on to him and gets a cover for two, then puts a Kimura on that injured hand.

Now an Octopus. KO gets out, and then rips the tape back on Owens's wrist and hand and stomps and punches his injured appendage, before Owens manages, briefly, to get to his feet.

Leg drop and cocky cover from Paul. KO hits out and gives a slap for the disrespect, but then Paul has Owens's hand on the rope with his boot.

LP goes for 1 619 but Owens dodges it, In turn Paul gest the knees up and blocks the senton attempt. He hits a rio of uppercuts, but KO gets Paul up for a backbreaker. Both men down and the ref going for the ten count. KO is up, then Paul.

Headbutt from Owens, who's workng with one arm now. CANNONBALL after a crotch chop. Another. Then goes to the top. Frog Splash, but it's only good for two! Up again. Swanton is blocked by the knees. Now Paul going up!

KO dodges this one! Paul bounces himself off the rope for a MASSIVE slingshot clothesline, Splash off the top for two of his own!

Logan Paul tells Corey that he's gonna do the impossible and superplex KO. Maybe they can't. KO counters into a brainbuster! And two and a half!

Owens goes fot the stunner but Paul wriggles out, and then again goes for the hand. KO goes for the punch but KO blocks it. Another failed stunner! A big right from the titanium enforced first but KO kicks out afte two.

Logan Paul getting some help from his goofball pal Jeff but the officials stop it happening. Now Grayson Waller and Austin Theory get involved. Oh no! Logan Paul has been passed the brass knuckles.

KO goes for a rollup. Paul kicks out. KO grabs the brass knuckles and hits Paul with them! He gets the three, but somehow the ref grows eyes and sees the knuckles! He calls it a DQ


Kevin Owens is NOT happy. He utterly lays waste to Paul. Finishing things up by throwing him THROUGH the announce table. KO gets back into the ring and stares ruefully at the title.

KO gets back out and goes to Paul, but just grabs a cough drop and leaves.

SNAP REVIEW: Another really solid match. We've somehow got incredibly used to just how good Logan Paul is at this very quickly. In a one-on-one match with Kevin Owens and he held his own and then some.

KO came into this one with a big injury and Paul tried to take every chance to take advantage of it with no little viciousness, but Owens survived it all, and even the attempted brass knuckling.

Unfortunately he let temptation get the better of him, and even more unfortunately, he got caught. On the plus side, this one looks far from over, and given the show these men put on, that's no bad thing. B

Men's Royal Rumble Match

First out is Jey Uso with a big entrance.

Ooooooooh, in next in Jimmy Uso.

We're already loving this. SummerSlam still fresh in both these guys' mind when Jimmy stopped Jey Uso beating Roman Reigns for the big one.

The bell goes and the brothers go face to face. And here we go! Exchanging big fists. Yeet vs No Yeet. Jey nearly eliminates Jimmy early doors, but he survives long enough to eat a superkick back inside.

Uso Splash but Jimmy gets his knees up. Next in is Grayson Waller, mic in hand. The crowd are not loving it.

Neither is Jey Uso who hits a superkick. Jey nearly eliminates Jimmy again, but again he survives.

And then Grayson acknowledges Roman, gives a "no Yeet", and Jimmy and Waller team up on Jey. And next in a major return, it's Andrade! Back after three and a half years, having been at AEW for most of that time.

Andrade flooring everyone with his elbows. And then knees into Jimmy, then Waller. Goes for the Three Amigos, but Waller stops it at two. Now it's Carmelo Hayes he goes after Waller and like the sign says, Melo don't miss.

A standoff, a breakdown, and Waller comes back in but GRAYSON WALLER IS ELIMINATED by Carmelo Hayes. Next in is Shinsuke Nakamura. His music is cut short by his entrance, but the crowd pick it up as he dishes out the blows and kicks.

Santos Escobar in next. And it's his turn to serve kicks to all, and a knee to Carmelo. He goes face to face with Andrade and they shake hands and have a hug, Escobar teases a partnership, Andrade demurs and then Escobar tries to turn it into something else, and Andrade nearly eliminates him.

Next we're in black and white for Karrion Kross. Back to colour for some big hits. He joins up with Jimmy Uso to take turns stomping Jey.

Next in is "Dirty" Dominik Mysterio. He bides his time. No need to get inside just yet, despite Carmelo Hayes beckoning him. Then he enters and goes after Kross. Kross responds in kind. In at number ten is Carlito, and we're sure he's gonna go straight for Santos Escobar.

Santos sneaks out under the bottom rope. Carlito take out an apple and goes for a few bites. Escobar re-enters but fails to eliminate him. An apple to the face and SANTOS ESCOBAR IS ELIMINATED.

Next in is Bobby Lashley He hits Nak with a Spear, then goes through Jimmy Uso and Andrade. Bodies everywhere. Dom ducks out but still eats a Spear. He goes for a Spear. Carlito knocked off the apron, and he must have gone over the top as CARLITO IS ELIMINATED by Lashley but he didn't go over the top. KARRION KROSS IS ELIMINATED by Bobby Lashley.

The AOP cause a distraction, and the already-eliminated Karrion Kross ELIMINATES BOBBY LASHLEY. Then out come the Street Profits who have it out with Akam and Rezar on the outside, and they go fighting down the aisle, bemusing Ludgwig Kaiser as he enters the ring.

Next in is Austin Theory. Melo goes at him, but Austin counters beautifully. Melo goes over the top but hangs on the bottom rope. Now it's Finn Balor, taking his time, despite Dom Mysterio looking in trouble.

Finn manges to save Dom by flipping over Melo and CARMELO HAYES IS ELIMINATED. At the halfway point it's time for many people's favourite and last year's winner Cody Rhodes, who's all smiles down the aisle.

He come sin and looks to clean house, finishing up with a Cody Cutter and AUSTIN THEORY IS ELIMINATED, but as he celebrates, Dom and Finn get to him. Bronson Reed in now.

He goes for Nakaura, who's been quiet for a while. Again there's some double teaming from the two Judgment Day men, but Reed double clotheslines them.

Reed stacks and double Samoan Drops Dom and Balor, and then ANDRADE IS ELIMINATED by Bronson Reed.

Nakamura and Cody Rhodes now in the middle, and next in it's Kof Kingston for Rumble 17 (one behind Kane's 18). Cody Rhodes just about surviving inside, and then he turns things around and SHINSUKE NAKAMURA IS ELIMINATED with a Crossrhodes on the ropes

LUDWIG KAISER IS ELIMINATED at the second time of asking by Kofi Kingston seconds before his pal Gunther enters, giving a mouthful to Kaiser on his way to the ring.

Kofi goes for Gunther but eats a chop for his trouble. Finn gets the same. Dom tries one of his own. That was an error. Gunther knocks down Jey Uso, and then as Jimmy celebrates does the same to him., He then bodyslams Bronson Reed. And now it's Gunther and Cody Rhodes, the last two men in last year's Rumble!

Kofi gets Gunther on the top and over, but Gunther recovers and KOFI KINGSTON IS ELIMINATED without even the slightest hint of a save. Then it's Ivar. who lays waste to both of the Judgment Day men.

He knocks down Rhodes too, while Gunther tries to put on a sleeper and fails. Reed and Ivar bounce off each other in the middle.

At the two-thirds point we get Bron Breakker He powers in with a spear to Jimmy Uso, and then runs through Finn, hits clothesline on Ivar. and then JIMMY USO IS ELIMINATED and FINN BALOR IS ELIMINATED 1,2 by Beaker

Gunther and Breakker go at it. Breakker hits a spear and gets the straps down. Now it's Omos and, whatever his limitations, he's not gonna go up and out over the top all that easily, is he?

He gets Dom Mysterio up n down, but Bronson Reed isn't phased. Maybe he should hve been. After a big boot BRONSON REED IS ELIMINATED. Then Reed goes flying and IVAR IS ELIMINATED.

Then er... it's Pat McAfee's music. He's in his announce clothes! He undoes his top button and gets into the ring but immediately looks like he regrets this. He climbs over the top rope and on to. the apron, but then gets back in. Then gets back out and PAT MCAFEE ELIMINATES HIMSELF.

Ahnd then as JD McDonagh comes to the ring, OMOS IS ELIMINATED by Breaker seconds before BRON BREAKKER IS ELIMINATED by Dom Mysterio.

Cody Rhodes almost dumps Gunther put he pulls himself back in. R-Truth gets his proper entrance. Throws JD McDONAGH back in and JD McDONAGH IS ELIMINATED.

R-Truth gets himself er.... tagged in, by Dom Mysterio (Truth is still a bit confused). He then goes for a Five Knuckle Shuffle on Gunther, but Gunther's not having it. He brushes off the attentions. of Cody, too.

Now it's The Miz. Tied third with 15 Royal Rumble appearances with Dolph Ziggler. Am Awesome Truth reunion! They take down Jey Uso. The Miz tries to take out Dom, but R-Truth saves him! Oh, Truth. 619 from Dom on Miz.

In at 26 it's Damian Priest. Damien Priest ELIMINATES R-TRUTH. And now it's what we've all been waiting for. CM Punk in at 27!

He gets to it! Fists, kicks and move being sprayed liberally! He loses the T-shirt and then there's a grin. Dom Mysterio goes for him and then immediately regrets it. DOMINIK MYSTERIO IS ELIMINATED.

A quick Go To Sleep motion but Damian Priest ruins things for Punk. Next in is Ricochet who's almost immediately eliminated by Priest, but he survives. Jey Uso still in there and dishing it out.

Then THE MIZ IS ELIMINATED by Gunther and others. Then Drew McIntyre enters with real focus. They and Drew exchange blows in the middle. Then Priest goes for Drew. MASSIVE Superkick from Jey on Dew. Then a Spear and Superkick on Gunther, who ends up on the top... Hey goes for it but Gunther counters and JEY USO IS ELIMINATED.

Last in, Sami Zayn. Zayn goes for McIntyre and Gunther. A bold policy. Then Priest. Gunther returns. Zayn nearly eliminates McIntyre! Ricochet bouncing around the ring. Whoah, Drew grabs Riochet's foot and flips him clean out the ring and RICOCHET IS ELIMINATED.

Rhodes and then Punk hit Gunther, before McIntyre hits a Future Shock. on Punk, and Sami hits a Helluva Kick on Mac.

Priest goes for a razor's edge but Zayn wriggles out and counters and DAMIAN PRIEST IS ELIMINATED. A narked looking McIntyre rouses and SAMI ZAYN IS ELIMINATED. A shot of a happy Seth Rollins and even happier Roman Reigns in the stands.

Cody Rhodes hits a Cody Cutter on Gunther, who responds with a clothesline, while McIntyre beats up CM Punk, who is floored with. a massive chop.

Now Cody and Rhodes look to get a bit of joy, but McIntyre hits a neckbreaker on Punk. Punk just about dodges a Claymore, and goes for a Go to Sleep, but Drew wriggles out and hits a Glasgow Kiss.

Claymore to Gunther! Claymore to Rhodes. Claymre to Punk. He glances at that WrestleMania sign. Some verbals from Mac to Punk but it's a mistake. Punk reverses the lift and gets Drew up and out! DREW MCINTYRE IS ELIMINATED. And then there were three.

Gunther gets Cody up and out, but like last year Cody is too smart and too strong! GUNTHER IS ELIMINATED

Now it's CM Punk vs Cody Rhodes and AWAY THEY GO!!!

Fists back and forth. Bounce off the rope and they knock each other down. They're literally fighting on their knees now. Back to their feet and Punk gets a bit of an edge, but Rhodes hits back with a powerslam.

CM Punk block a Cody Cutter and hits three German Suplexes. Punk hits a running bulldog. Calls for the Go To Sleep. Gets Cody up, but he wriggles out, hits some fists and a bionic elbow.

Punk dodges a Crosshrodes and gets Cody over the top rope! But Cody powers back in under the rope. CM Punk points to the sign and makes. athroat slipt motion. Nope! Cody hits that Crossrhodes he's been teasing for an age, but he doesn't have the energy to capitalise.

He tries to. get him up but Punk now hits his own Go To Sleep! But he's too drained to build on it too! He looks up at the sign and now gets Cody to his feet and back up again, Cody hangs on! And lands on the apron and rolls back in.

CM Punk hits a pedigree on Cody Rhodes, and now calls for another Go To Sleep. "I didn't wait for ten years to lose to Dusty's Kid."

Famous last words! HE goes for antoher Go To Sleep but Cody catches it! And with sheeer force of will he ELIMINATES CM PUNK!


SNAP REVIEW: That was quite the finish. We really couldn't tell you who was gonna win that till Punk's feet hit the floor, and in many ways that's the most important thing.

There was plenty of entertainment along the way, too, with lots of lovely little match-ups keeping things ticking on nicely.

After a strong start, we'd have liked Jimmy and Jey to have had a bit more one-on-one involvement, and maybe set up a Mania match-up, but they certainly pushed the ball on a bit nicely.

Truth, McAfee and a few others were short but sweet. No major surprises beyond perhaps Andrade, but it didn't really need many.

Bronson Reed was impressive, as was Gunther, though we were disappointed by the likes of Finn Balor and especially Kofi Kingston, who never really got going.

In the end though and after plenty of fun action, we got to CM Punk vs Cody Rhodes, and were on the edge of our seats for the whole finish. It'll be Cody vs Reigns II at WMXL, surely, which leaves the immediate future of CM Punk tantalisingly open... B+

Royal Rumble 2024 Review

Overall an incredibly solid Royal Rumble. None of the matches screamed This Is An All Time Classic, but all were good, and the results of all four lead us incredibly nicely poised for WrestleMania itself.

We can't wait to see an even MORE angry Kevin Owens seek revenge on Logan Paul, and while Randy Orton surely won't agree, Roman Reigns vs CM Punk II at WrestleMania 40 feels like the right place for this all to end up.

Bayley will be expected to pick Rhea Ripley as her WrestleMania opponent to keep. the gold with Damage CTRL, but expecting a spanner in the works and a possible challenge to Iyo Sky.

And while we'd like a smidge more quality and finesse when it comes to Mania, the Royal Rumble has laid down a pretty good marker.


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