Writing on the wall: visiting artist 'vandalised' Tank Stream Way

Sydney City Council has been accused of vandalism after a visiting American artist has controversially painted Tank Stream Way near Pitt Street in the CBD.

Artist Barry McGee, well known for his street art across the US since the 1980s, has been given $15,000 of local council funding to paint a wall as part of the Art & About festival that takes art out of the gallery setting and into the streets of Sydney.

7News says that McGee was given permission to paint a certain wall along Tank Stream Way, but has painted another wall by mistake.

Sydney City Council has reportedly apologised for the artist.

Critics are claiming Barry McGee's artwork is glorified vandalism. The art community supports the work saying taste in art is personal.

"I think it's subjective, art is very subjective. If we all thought the same thing it would be a very boring world." says Gail Minervini, Director of Art and About.

Alternatively Shayne Mallard, Sydney City Councillor says, "Well, I see no artistic merit, this is just graffiti that ordinarily the council spends hundreds of thousands, in fact more than a million dollars a year to scrub off the walls of this city."