Worst nightmare! Cockroach crawls up woman's nose while she was asleep

WARNING, DISTRESSING CONTENT: An Indian woman woke up to the start of a horror ordeal, sensing something had crawled up her nose.

The 42-year-old known only as Selvi asked her son-in-law to take her to the doctor earlier this week so she could be examined.

The woman, from Chennai in Eastern India, said she was certain some sort of insect had crawled into her nose.

She told the New Indian Express: “There was a tingling, crawling sensation.

“I could not explain the feeling, but I was sure it was some insect.”

Selvi said when whatever it was moved, she suffered a burning sensation in her eyes.

Doctors sent her to Stanley Medical College Hospital where they made the horrific discovery.

A live cockroach was found between the woman’s skull and her eyes, resting close to her brain, according to local media reports.

Doctors tried to remove the roach with vacuum suction, but it was too large.

Eventually it was removed with the help of a nasal endoscope.

Selvi is said to be feeling much better.

Doctors said if she had ignored her suspicions, the cockroach would have died and caused an infection close to her brain, local media reports.

News break - February 6