The worrying story behind this tragic photo

WARNING –  DISTRESSING IMAGE: It’s heartbreaking and confronting but that’s exactly why wildlife experts want Australian homeowners to take a look at this image of a dead koala.

Laying motionless at the bottom of a family pool, this was the sight that greeted one Gold Coast resident when she walked out into her backyard over the weekend.

“This is a difficult post to write and I’m so sorry how sad it is everyone but am here to help educate and spread the message so it hopefully can save koala lives,” a Wildcare Australia Inc. Facebook post read.

“The resident phoned this morning upon finding her in their pool. As we walked up the side gate, we saw this dear sweet girl sadly lying at the bottom of the pool.”

It’s believed the koala was trying to escape the heat and get a drink when it became trapped and drowned.

The koala was found laying motionless at the bottom of the Gold Coast pool. Source: Facebook/Wildcare Australia Inc.

“Even though koalas can swim, if there are no assisted ways for a koala to climb out they will eventually drown,” they added.

The devastated animal rescue group is now imploring pool owners and those who live in areas habituated by koalas to follow a few simple instructions to help prevent drownings.

“Tie a very thick and rigid type of rope with a flotation device attached (eg. plastic milk bottle) to a tree and place on the pool.

They said putting a tear-resistant material to a flotation device can also save their lives if they do become stuck in the pool.

“With this terrible summer heat and no rain that we are experiencing in so many parts of the country, please help keep wildlife safe with little things you can do,” the post read.

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