World leaders watch climate change documentary at COP27

Some viewers were said to be visibly affected by the content of the video. Source: United Nations

Video transcript



- Are their communities not as deserving? This is the water you have stopped from flowing, the pollution you brought yourselves and others. I am suffocation, congested and off balance. These are the gifts you have plundered, the cultivated land you have soiled.

- Are you OK? Yeah, I'll jump-- I'll jump on one. OK. Dad, I love you.

- I am your heart shattered in pieces. These are your slain men and women. The gloom, disappointment, the isolation, I and those you have made to weep. When will it be enough?

I am the drought, where water once flowed, your rising blood pressure flooding your coastlines. I am the threat, the fear that lurks in the shadow, the threat to your future. I am endangerment.