Wordle baffles users with two different words: 'Flummoxed'

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WARNING - STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS: Wordle fanatics have been thrown off on Monday after the much-loved word game offered up two different words to guess.

The 324th offering of the hit game acquired by The New York Times has many baffled as to why there's suddenly two answers.

Some are guessing the word shine, while others are having to work out fetus.

Wordle #324 is causing quite a stir. Source: Getty
Wordle #324 is causing quite a stir. Source: Getty

It's not the first time the game has offered up two different words, last happening at the end of March, yet players are still aghast at such a move.

"Playing with my wife and we were quite flummoxed when revealed we both got it right but with two very different answers," one person wrote on Twitter.

"Can you explain why Wordle has TWO different answers today? Are you playing us?" another asked.

"Damn, don't play me like that," one person said.

"Two different #Wordle answers today has really put the cat amongst the Mum group chat," another joked.

Speculation over why there are two Wordle words

Some players speculated the choice of fetus as one of the words was in reference to the controversial Roe vs Wade case which could see abortion outlawed by some US states if the legislation is overturned.

The game quickly became a social media obsession at the end of 2021, with The New York Times purchasing the game off creator Josh Wardle in February, when more than two million people were believed to be playing it daily.

The New York Times Games Twitter account is yet to address the double word day. On March 31 it instructed users to replay the day's word for the "correct" word, which will give a "bonus win" to a player's stats.

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