Woolworths shopper's furious reaction to home delivery fail

A Woolworths employee has been criticised after an online shopper received a significant portion of her plastic bags with just one item inside.

Out of 22 bags from Woolworths in Richmond, northwest of Sydney, she received on Wednesday, seven of them contained a single item.

“Seriously Woolworths, you need to get your act together regarding plastic bags,” the customer said.

She told Yahoo News Australia it had been more difficult to stay on top of her plastic bag stash of late, particularly because she had been getting groceries delivered more often due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo shows front of Woolworths store.
The shopper called on Woolies to retrain staff on packing delivery orders. Source: Getty Images

“We have done delivery in the past but not as much as now. We are one of the few that stay away from the shops,” she said.

The items treated to an entire bag to themselves were single packs of biscuits, a block of chocolate, paper towel and dinner rolls - all of which would likely have been safe in a bag together.

“Funny thing was that in another bag there was a packet of biscuits in with tinned goods. So they’re obviously not worried about breakage,” the shopper said.

She added that bags were normally repurposed in the household, but it seemed they were now “breeding faster than we can reuse them”.

In a complaint to the supermarket’s Facebook page, the shopper called on the retailer to retrain staff “on how to pack groceries and save on plastic bags”.

Photo shows four Woolworths plastic shopping bags with single items inside.
Packets of biscuits and chocolates were delivered in bags of their own. Source: Supplied

“We understand that you may not want groceries to be squashed, but squashing them in a green crate will do that anyway,” she argued.

She said it wasn’t uncommon for her household to receive a bag with a single item on the odd occasion, but seven bags with one thing inside “took the cake”.

Woolworths responded to the woman’s complaint, telling her the issue would be referred to the relevant team.

“You're right - this is a bit much. Our online teams pack thousands of customer orders each day and this one certainly doesn't live up to our usual standards,” an employee wrote.

“We understand the importance of minimising plastic in online orders. We're sorry about this and we'll address it with our team.”

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