Woolworths shoppers rave about queue-skipping technology: 'Fastest way to shop'

Woolworths shoppers are raving about queue-skipping technology the supermarket has rolled out to dozens of stores across the country.

While the supermarket introduced the Scan&Go contactless shopping option in September, Woolworths has given shoppers a new look at the technology in action.

Woolworths representative Liam Kirley unveils Scan&Go technology in action
Woolworths has given shoppers a new look at their Scan&Go technology in action. Source: TikTok/@woolworths_au

Scan&Go allows shoppers to scan their items while they navigate the store and pack their bags as they go, meaning they can simply scan their phone once at checkout.

"If you love tech like me, then you'll love this way to shop at Woolies," said Woolies' resident celebrity staffer Liam Kirley in a TikTok video.

"Scan&Go is a fun way to shop. Simply download the Woolworths app, and open Scan&Go in the app and then you start scanning products," he explained in the video.

Woolies wows shoppers with AI-enabled Scan&Go scales

While scanning barcodes of products is straightforward, Liam demonstrates how shoppers can scan their loose fresh produce using the Artificial Intelligence-enabled scales in select stores.

"For fruit and veg, simply pick up the produce you want, then put it on our scales and it comes up with what one it is," he explains.

The innovative scale not only weighs the item, but also accurately predicts which type of fruit or vegetable it is and provides a barcode for shoppers to scan with their phone.

Woolies shopper uses Scan&Go app and checks out
Scan&Go allows shoppers to scan items as they shop instead of waiting until they're at the checkout. Source: Woolworths Group

Woolies customers can even visit the deli for their favourite meat cuts or cheeses as part of a Scan&Go shop – all they need to do is scan the barcode on the wrapping paper.

Finally, when shoppers are ready to check out, Liam explains: "At the registers go to the Scan&Go machines, and then scan your phone and you're out of there."

Woolworths rolls out Scan&Go technology to 66 stores

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that Scan&Go is only available at select stores in each state.

"Scan&Go is the faster, smarter way to shop for your groceries at Woolworths, available at 66 stores across Australia," said the spokesperson.

"As Woolworths opens new stores and renew existing stores, Scan&Go will be considered part of the mix."

Shopper uses Scan&Go on Woolies app to scan salad
Woolies' contactless shopping option is available at 66 stores across Australia. Source: Woolworths Group.

Scan&Go is currently available in 31 stores in NSW, 15 in Victoria, 12 in Queensland, four in WA, two in ACT and four in SA.

Customers can find out whether Scan&Go is available at their local store by checking the full list on the Woolworths website.

'Don't have to wait in a line for self serve'

The public reaction to Woolies' Scan&Go shopping option has been overwhelmingly positive – with hundreds of shoppers praising the technology online.

"I love using Scan&Go - it's an introvert's dream," wrote one shopper.

"Best and fastest way to shop," chimed a second.

A third commented: "I actually love Scan&Go. Been using it for a while now, I don't have to wait in a line for self serve."

One woman pointed out that Woolworths' "trust levels are really high" to allow shoppers to scan as they go.

A Woolworths representative responded to the woman, assuring her: "We have the best customers!"

As the contactless technology is not available at all stores, many shoppers called for the supermarket to roll it out beyond the metro stores.

Others suggested the retailer integrate the technology into the normal self-checkouts for added convenience.

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