Woolworths shopper's hack to score $675 Christmas haul for just 15 cents

A shrewd Woolworths customer has revealed how she spent next to nothing on a huge haul of Christmas treats worth hundreds of dollars.

"I wanna share I how I got $675 worth of chocolates from Woolworths but only paid 15 cents," TikToker Aine Cima Abella announced in a video to her 108,000 followers.

The Everyday Rewards member explained that she'd hadn't used any of the points she'd earned this year, bumping her account credit up to $320. "I have no regrets and am grateful I started doing this since January," she said.

Woolworths shopper revealing saving tip on TikTok
A Woolworths shopper has shared her secret shaving hundreds of dollars off her bill. Source: TikTok/@aine.cimaabella

Ms Abella shared that she timed her purchases for when Woolies put a range of chocolate products on special, with discounts of 50 to 70 per cent. "Woolworths will always have a few days of sale so I always keep my eye out," she said.

The patient bargain hunter's strategy meant she was able to purchase a trolley full of Cadbury, Lindt, Guylian and Ferrero Rocher chocolates worth $675.50 for $300.15. She then used her Everyday Rewards credit to cover the rest of her bill, leaving her with just 15 cents to pay off.

After showing her receipt as proof of her supersized savings, Ms Abella said the sweet treats would be given as Christmas presents to her friends and family.

Christmas saving trend takes off

Yahoo News understands over 650,000 Everyday Rewards members have opted to save their points for the festive season, which is a 20 per cent increase on last year. On average, these members have banked over $100 to spend this Christmas.

An Everyday Rewards spokesperson told Yahoo News some members had managed to accumulate thousands of dollars through special offers. "This year, some of our savviest members have saved over $2,000," the spokesperson said. "We know members who regularly boost offers enjoy an extra $210 off their shop each year and collect, on average, 7x more points than those who just scan their card, meaning they are banking points for Christmas at an even faster rate."

Everyday Rewards has also launched a new tool for members to track their savings. An email titled "Rewards Yearly Roundup" has been sent to over three million members, with details of how many points they've accumulated and how much money they've saved this year. It also reveals their top three products and how many metres of paper they've saved by opting to receive e-receipts.

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