Woolworths shopper’s ‘cruel’ free food prank slammed online

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A Woolworths shopper has been slammed by customers online over a prank posted to TikTok where he pretends to give away free food.

The man, user @​​lucasinduzzi, shared a video to TikTok where he pranked customers at his local Woolworths by announcing that all food in the freezer aisle was free for the next two minutes.

“Attention all customers, attention all customers. The refrigeration system is temporarily broken for the next two minutes. Everything in aisle 15 is now free,” says the man in the video, laughing to the camera.

The Sydney man, who carried out the prank during the height of Sydney’s lockdown, is seen in the video stepping up to the supermarket microphone with his mandatory face mask pulled down to his chin to make the phoney announcement across the store’s PA system.

Woolworths shopper announces free food over supermarket speaker
A Woolworths shopper has been slammed for his 'cruel' TikTok prank. Source: TikTok/@​​lucasinduzzi

He then laughs on as he films unknowing customers, including families and elderly shoppers, stocking up on items from the freezer aisle, such as ice cream.

The video has since gone viral, amassing over 1.3 million views, 168,200 likes and 1400 comments from customers – most of which were not laughing along.

TikTok prank slammed as ‘cruel’ online

Despite several users taking to the comments to praise the Sydney man’s “genius” prank, many were outraged, saying it was “cruel” and “not even remotely funny” to pull a prank like this in the midst of a pandemic.

“I love to laugh at a good prank but this one WASN’T FUNNY. There are people who have lost their jobs, businesses [and are] struggling because of the lockdown,” wrote one furious user.

“I don’t think messing with food is cool. You gotta think about desperate people in need,” wrote another user.

While a third user wrote: “Don’t see how it’s funny now the workers in the store are going to cop a heap of abuse.”

Other commentators voiced their empathy for the desperate shopper who was unknowingly filmed stockpiling tubs of ice cream into his arms in front of his young son and suggested that the prankster “should pay” for all the items himself.

TikToker blasted over Woolworths toilet paper stunt

Another TikTok user was blasted online several weeks ago after filming herself in a “stupid” toilet paper stunt at a Sydney Woolworths in the midst of the surging Covid outbreak.

The viral video shows the woman launching herself onto a stacked pallet of toilet paper, causing packs of the popular item to squash and fall to the floor.

The shopper posted the video amidst panic buying chaos in Sydney, which saw supermarket aisles stripped bare of essential items, such as toilet paper.

Unsurprisingly, the video was met with backlash and widespread criticism from users on TikTok who said that she “should be ashamed” of herself for destroying the highly sought-after item.

"You just jumped on Sydney’s most wanted product at the moment," commented one TikTok user.

"Destroying someone’s property ain’t funny," wrote another user.

The video, which has been viewed 167,800 times, even attracted the attention of Woolworths who issued a statement to Yahoo News Australia in response to the disturbing video.

"We’ve been made aware of a video on social media which appears to be in one of our stores," said a Woolworths Spokesperson.

"We’re currently looking into the circumstances surrounding it."

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