Woolworths shopper's $26,000 surprise in her Everyday Rewards account

The customer thinks it may be a glitch but contacted the supermarket in the hope she can collect the cash.

Woolworths customers have been urged to pay close attention to their Everyday Rewards account after one woman found she had somehow banked $26,590 through the scheme to put towards her Christmas shopping – though she fears it's too good to be true.

The shopper shared a screenshot to Twitter, asking the supermarket giant how she could access the princely sum.

"Just wondering how I can access the $26k I apparently have saved in three months towards Christmas?" she wrote, tagging Woolworths.

The Woolworths customer Everyday Rewards balance can be seen at $26,590 in her app.
The Woolworths customer shared a snapshot of the balance from her Everyday Rewards app. Source: Twitter/Rachelv

She also publicly shared the email she received, suggesting it may have been a "glitch". But nonetheless, she hoped she was entitled to the money because it pays to be optimistic, I guess.

"It doesn’t seem to be showing in my account," she said. "Although 26k would come in handy."

Woolworths responds to customer

The supermarket responded to the customer by asking for some personal details, with the promise they would look into the matter further.

Everyday Rewards, which was formerly known as Woolworths Rewards, is a loyalty program set up by the supermarket. With every purchase, customers can earn points and work towards discounts and prizes, rewarding them for shopping at the supermarket. However even Woolworths was taken aback by this particular shopper's impressive balance.

A Woolworths spokesperson, and party pooper, confirmed to Yahoo News Australia the shopper's Rewards balance was the result of a glitch.

Earlier, the company's PR team admitted the social media post had taken them by surprise.

"We have some really dedicated Bank for Christmas savers but even this caught us by surprise," a Woolworths spokesperson told 7News. "We’re following up with the customer directly."

Several shoppers have shared their saving hacks for the loyalty program online, with one highlighting the convenience of adding their digital rewards card to their phone wallet.

"It’s kind of useful if it means you don’t have to fumble for your cards at checkout. You just scan your phone and it does it all for you. So that part’s cool," Aussie shopper who goes by 'Dad’s Money Hacks' shared on TikTok. But nothing on how to replicate this apparent glitch.

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