Woolworths shopper 'absolutely disgusted' by supermarket's request ahead of Christmas

The supermarket's move infuriated shoppers as the cost-of-living crisis continues to bite.

A Woolworths shopper has blasted the major supermarket after noticing a food donation trolley at the front of a store, asking shoppers to 'donate' items to their charity partner OzHarvest ahead of Christmas.

The supermarket, which recorded a $1.62 billion profit last financial year, and has been accused of price gouging, "needs a stern talking to" according to the Aussie shopper who said the company should "be forced to donate themselves" as many shoppers are "struggling to put food on the table".

"We are in one of the worst cost-of-living crisis' in Australian history, and Woolworths, a multi-billion dollar company, is currently being accused of price hiking during the crisis", the shopper recently fumed on social media. "But they have the audacity to ask us to donate to those suffering from the cost-of-living crisis, instead of lowering their prices to be affordable or donating themselves."

Woolworths food donations to OzHarvest
A food donation trolley has been set up outside a Woolworths store. Source: reddit

Too many shoppers are 'struggling'

The shopper admitted to being of one the many Australians who's had to rethink how they shop as the soaring grocery prices continue hurting household budgets.

"I'm absolutely disgusted that they are asking us to buy stuff from their store and donate it instead when they have the audacity to charge $7 for 2kg of potatoes or $7.50 for 4kg of potatoes," the shopper continued in the post on Reddit.

The shopper also took aim at the supermarket's decision to "replace humans at checkout with robots" and AI cameras, insinuating jobs are being stripped from hardworking Aussies.

Woolworths confirms it matches donations

Responding to the post, one person noted that Woolworths matches all donations it receives from shoppers. It's also outlined on the supermarket's website.

"Until the 26th December, Woolworths will match your donations to OzHarvest to help provide even more meals to people who need it most this Christmas," it says. "Every 50 cents donated supports OzHarvest to deliver the equivalent of one nutritious meal from our surplus fresh food.

"These funds support the cost of drivers, vans, warehouses, fridges, freezers and more. All helping to ensure that as much fresh, healthy surplus food can get to as many Australians in need of food relief as possible".

OzHarvest is one of Australia's leading food rescue organisations and has partnered with Woolworths since 2014. Since then, the equivalent of 70 million meals have been donated to the organisation, Woolworths claims, and "more than $15 million has been raised for OzHarvest in our stores to date".

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