'Woolworths madness': Panic buying hits despite no lockdown

Shoppers in South Australia have been sent into a panic buying frenzy across supermarkets, despite no lockdown being announced.

The state recorded 11 new local Covid-19 cases on Wednesday and zero new cases on Thursday, however Premier Steven Marshall has not yet put the state into lockdown.

Instead, he's introduced new restrictions, urging residents to wear a mask, limiting private gatherings to a maximum of 10 people and asking people to work from home if they can.

Panic buying takes hold in a Woolworths in SA despite no lockdown being announced. Source: TikTok
Panic buying takes hold in a Woolworths in SA despite no lockdown being announced. Source: TikTok

Despite a lockdown being ruled out, supermarkets have seen a surge in panic buying with hundreds of residents rushing to their local supermarket across the state.

Similar panic buying scenes have been seen across other Australian states currently in lockdown.

Supermarket panic buying takes hold

In a video posted to TikTok, one customer witnessed long lines of shoppers with full trolleys at a Woolworths store in South Australia.

“Woolworths Madness in SA 20 minutes before they announced we were NOT entering into a snap lockdown,” the person who posted the video wrote.

Similar stories have been shared across social media of mad panic buying across Woolworths, Coles and Aldi stores. Some shoppers have said their local stores are already running low on essentials like toilet paper.

“Went to the shops just now in South Australia and everyone panic buying toilet roll,” one shopper said.

“So irritating about the toilet roll. Buying heaps of it in their trolleys and on their phones asking... do you need anything? It will be pasta soon.”

Another shopper saw similar scenes at her local store.

“If you’re panic buying in South Australia you’re stupid and embarrassing,” the unimpressed resident shared on Twitter.

There’s no need to panic buy

Josh Peak, the Secretary of the SDA - the Union for Workers in Retail, Fast Food & Warehousing in South Australia, took to Twitter to warn shoppers that panic buying was no necessary.

“We are currently seeing panic buying all across South Australia. There is no lockdown. There is no need to panic buy,” he wrote.

“If you need to buy essential goods – stay calm and treat retail workers with respect.”

Crowds of shoppers have flocked to supermarkets in South Australia despite no lockdown being announced. Source: Getty Images
The scenes were reminiscent of last year's panic buying (pictured) before a lockdown was enforced in November. Source: Getty Images

The South Australian premier also asked people to be "sensible" if they needed to visit the supermarket for essential items.

“Obviously people are concerned with the media speculation this morning, but there is no lockdown. Can I say that with Australia we have an excellent supply of all food and other appropriate groceries," Mr Marshall said at a press conference.

"Frankly, it is a natural human behaviour, but again I will just say to people, please be sensible about this, no lockdown in South Australia, no need whatsoever for panic buying."

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