Woolworths gives second life to 25c paper bags with 'trashy' Christmas hack

The supermarket have launched new festive-themed paper bags.

Woolworths paper bags have been a contentious topic among shoppers since they became widely available this year and the latest festive-themed bags are also causing debate, with people questioning whether they are "trashy" or a smart move by the supermarket.

Two patterned brown bags have been introduced in the lead-up to the festive period — one with green baubles and the other with green Christmas trees. But most notably, the bags double as wrapping paper, with shoppers encouraged to cut up the bags and wrap their Christmas presents in the paper after bringing home their groceries.

Woolworths bags are cut up by a shopper (left) before wrapping presents with the paper (right).
Woolworths have launched new festive paper bags which double as Christmas wrapping paper. Source: TikTok

The festive-themed paper bags are priced the same as standard bags at 25 cents each, and have a dotted line along the bottom to guide shoppers while cutting. There's also a gift tag to cut out.

Shoppers surprising response to Woolworths paper bags

A small business owner posted the hack online and said she was in favour of the move — and surprisingly, many agreed.

"Ok I actually love this!! Because otherwise those paper bags have no purpose," one wrote, while another agreed it was a "smart" idea and suggested the supermarket should have other patterned paper bags all year round so shoppers can use the hack for other gifting occasions.

However, others felt the idea was great in theory but the low durability of the bags made them believe it was unlikely they would not survive long as gift wrap.

"I tried wrapping presents with this paper last year and it sucked," one shopper wrote, while another said it would only be possible to use the hack if the "paper bag doesn't rip on the way home", pointing to a common issue many shoppers have raised after purchasing the paper bags in store.

Woolworths 'excited' to offer dual usability for paper bags

Woolworths have responded to the chatter online and confirmed the patterned paper bags will only be available for the festive period.

"We're excited to bring back our Christmas-themed paper bags for another year after a great response from shoppers," a Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia. "The new design with gift tags to cut out is a fun addition we've added to our lineup and we've already seen plenty of creative wrapping creations this year, giving new life to our shopping bags this Christmas."

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