Woman's simple trick brings wilted Discovery Garden plant back to life

While many Woolworths customers are struggling to keep their Discovery Gardens alive and thriving, one shopper has revealed a basic change that revived her dying tomato plant.

The woman boasted about the small plant’s amazing recovery on a Discovery Garden Facebook group on Friday - drawing a slew of responses from other green-thumbed members.

“I came home from being out this morning and noticed my tomatoes looking very dry and wilted,” she wrote.

The woman said she took the plant out of her greenhouse and placed it outside after reading that tomatoes need fresh air so they can strengthen their stems.

The Woolworths customer came home to find her Discovery Garden tomato plant looking ' very dry and wilted'. Source: Facebook

After the plant dried out, she said she placed it back in the greenhouse and poured “a heap of water in the pot”.

“Then I sat it in water too so the wilted roots underneath could suck it up,” she wrote.

Within minutes, the woman said she saw the green seedlings suddenly perk up.

She then placed her time lapse camera next to the plant and captured its green stems rejuvenate and stand up straight.

Several group members chimed in to thank the woman for sharing her advice.

“Brilliant!” one woman wrote.

“Wow, that’s awesome!” said another.

“It raises me up too,” a third wrote.

Woolworth's new promotion has taken Australia by storm. Source: Woolworths

The woman is not the only eager Discovery Gardener to disclose veggie tips, with another Woolworths customer revealing her own DIY hack this week.

South Australian stablehand Rhiannan told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia she came up with her penny-pinching solution when she needed a new home for her plants.

Rhiannan said she used a recycled plastic bottle, a piece of cotton and soil to craft ‘wicking beds’ for each of her vegetables.

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