Woolworths customer's 'risky' hack leads to incredible $51 haul: 'Hit the jackpot’

Aussies were left astounded by the 23 items the man managed to buy for the bargain price.

As Aussies across the country bemoan the price of groceries as the cost of living crisis rages on, one lucky bargain hunter claims he ‘hit the jackpot’ after managing to buy up ‘two years’ worth of deli items from Woolworths for 80 per cent off their original price.

The man purchased 23 items from his local supermarket for just $51.33. The items included discounted deli meats such as chicken breast, salami, pastrami, turkey breast and more.

The most expensive item the man bought was toilet paper for $13.50. All other items were under $4.

Left: A Woolworths receipt for items valued to $51. Right: Vacuum sealed deli items in a freezer.
The Woolworths customer spent $51 on 23 items. Source: Facebook

Customer’s ‘lucky dip’ purchase

Revealing the impressive haul, the man explained he took a “big risk” buying up the discounted deli items, saying they were wrapped up he so couldn’t see what they were.

“The Woolies worker just put them out and I said "oh lucky dip eh!” he shared. He then "took 5 seconds of composure" before grabbing the entire haul. "I just grabbed all of it thinking ‘Eureka I have just hit the jackpot in Woollies,’” he said.

Arriving home, the Aussie unravelled the items to find “two years” worth of meat that he vacuum-sealed and put in the freezer.

The man was inspired by a frugal Facebook group, that he claims changed his mind about reduced food. “It's a huge money saver,” he added.

Aussies astounded by incredible deal

Many fellow Woolworths shoppers were stunned by the amazing deal the man got himself.

“Never seen deli stuff go on sale like that,” said one Aussie.

Another revealed that her local Woolworths “does this on any food that they can't sell the next day” and explained discounts start at 4 per cent off at 4pm.

“Nicely done,” raised another Aussie.

Concern over meat frozen for two years

While many were quick to praise the Aussie man, others were concerned by the length of time he intended to keep the discounted meat.

“I just can’t get over how you would buy it & then say you’ll keep it for 2 years,” one shared.

According to Food Safety, items like fresh poultry can be frozen for up to 12 months, but cured meats like ham and bacon should only be frozen for one to two months.

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